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Power Pack add-on disappeared with flash memory update.
by blimthorpe on 2010-07-02 18:02:35.7990


I have a PodXT.   When I got it, I had the Power Pack Add-On.  It was installed, authorized, and working.  I just updated the flash memory from 1.01 to 3.03 and it has disappeared, it no longer shows up in the Monkey program.  This add-on came with the PodXt when it was new, and should not be gone, now, or asking for a license key.   I did a bundle back-up of patches before I flashed the memory, but I do not know if a restore will bring back the Power-Pack.   The documentation on your site is very unclear about this.

Please tell me how to get it back.



Re: Power Pack add-on disappeared with flash memory update.
by Mr_Arkadin on 2010-07-02 19:00:01.5690

I assume you mean 3.01 (there is no 3.03 firmware). Power Pack is just the standard amps, cabs and effects that come with all PodXTs. It is not an add-on that can be purchased separately so as such you already have it (assuming you still have all your amps and cabs etc.). In fact with the 3.01 update you gain some amp and wah models. If you have amp models 1-36 and 101-106 then you have all that's in the Power Pack.

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