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Expression pedal
by v6v8 on 2010-07-05 10:05:06.7220


I purchased an EX-1 expression pedal that lasted about 6 mos. It never really worked properly and I struggled with it until it broke. I do not abuse my equipment.

What other expression pedals work with the M13. I don't want to spend another $60 on something that is not reliable (though my M13 is) and have a break in another 6 mos.


Re: Expression pedal
by phil_m on 2010-07-05 10:09:14.6520

The EP1-L6 by Mission Engineering (on this page) was made specifically for Line 6 products.  It gets good reviews.

When you say your EX-1 never worked properly, in what way do you mean?  How exactly did it break?  I've had two of them on my board for about ten years, and I've never had any issues with them.  I'm not doubting what you said, I just wonder if there's some difference in the construction now.

Re: Expression pedal
by v6v8 on 2010-07-05 15:35:48.7320

Hi, Thanks for the info, I will look for a Mission pedal unless you want to sell yours...LOL. I guess 10 years ago or earlier things were probably made better...that's been my experience with some things.

As for my struggles, initially the pedal worked fine (4-6 weeks???) than it started changing parameters where it should have intermittently...than a week or so ago it stopped working all together. Opened it up used air can to blow things out, nothing. Everything looks good under the hood, didn't see anything burned out??? Borrowed a freinds Korg Expression pedal and that worked so I know things are ok. Firmware in the M13 is at 2.01.

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