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Quick Loop
by VanHalenFan9656 on 2010-07-07 13:19:31.0220

I have a Spider IV 75w. Using the quickloop is where my issue is presented. In the demonstration video the quick loop continuously plays without stopping, however, when I use the quick loop built into my amp it stops after every loop for a second or so and then starts again instead of playing without stops. Can anyone enlighten my situation?

Re: Quick Loop
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-07-07 14:05:05.6130


You need to be able to control the loop record, start, stop, overdub etc... from the floor, so you will need a MkII FBV Shortboard ideally.   Play a few bars of your planned loop to get into the rhythm, then at the appropriate point step on the record button, record your four, eight or twelve bars or whatever and at the end point come out of record by stepping on the appropriate button but keep playing so that the loop can roll around unbroken.  It will take a little practice to get the loop points right, but in essence the previous steps are what you need to do.  You cant hope to properly control a loop from the amp front panel using your hands as that way you are almost certain to create unwanted breaks in your loop.


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