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Pad switch question. (tone seeking)
by Taldaran on 2010-07-15 20:26:38.5680

Do any of you use the pad switch set to pad when using a strat (I use G&L Legacies loaded with Bill Lawrence L-45 twinblades) in order to tame the OD when using High gain models-to give better cleaner definition overall? The manual says to only switch it to pad if you are using hot active pickups, but I have experimented with the pad switch and I find it gives me a really great defined response without the excess fizziness.

I am using the guitar straight into the PodXTL and then into a Mosvalve poweramp into 2 GenzBenz Gflex 2X12's.


RE: Pad switch question. (tone seeking)
by Line6Tony on 2010-07-16 17:06:18.5620

Although the intended use is for hot pickups, you are free to use it in the manner you are. Glad it actually sounds good!

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