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Linux driver for Line6 products
by grabner on 2009-04-04 12:54:47.2380

Hi all!

Since the forum has been rearranged, my previous thread is no longer available, so I start a new one to announce updates of the Line6 Linux driver I'm working on. Recently I got some feedback about missing monitoring capabilities of the TonePort GX, which is fixed in the current version 0.8.1. The software is available at the following site:

For a detailed documentation, please read

in particular Section 5 for the TonePort features.

Kind regards,


Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by scraze on 2009-05-01 05:54:16.8510

Hey grabner, good to see you on top of it again :}

I'm still very much in to make the UX2 working (according to your software poll, about 216 others would love that), but sadly enough haven't been doing my homework, so I'm still utterly inexperienced when it comes to debugging USB / writing drivers / anything inbetween. I could pythonise a cute little frontend though .. ;'D

Hooray for you!

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by Kampfgnu on 2009-05-17 11:27:53.6550

nice nice, my ux2 runs on ubuntu now!

is there something like a gearbox equivalent to use instrs/mics ?


Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by ravnen on 2009-05-30 09:17:03.8080

I just bought myself a pod studio ux2, and it doesn't seem to be supported by this driver. Would it be possible to support this device too? The device itself looks just like a toneport ux2, except for the color...

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by loziniak on 2009-06-09 01:48:18.8100


I have a TonePort UX2, and only input that works for me is monophonic instrument input. How can I use stereo input? I couldn't find any info in documentation about selecting inputs on TonePort. If you needed a tester with UX2, I'm at your command :-) Is there any dedicated support forum od mailing list for your driver? Great work anyway, Markus.



Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by MetalMusic on 2009-06-14 02:37:50.3030

Hey Markus!

very cool Site! (tanzband....)

Does your driver work with PodXT too?

Do u use WINE or something else to get Monkey, Riffworks working?

And your Poll for Linux Software is also very usefull THere are about 1037 Linux-Line6 users until now, maybe we should do a little advertisment for this (-;

greetz Börn!

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by euro_par on 2009-06-14 07:56:11.3050

Make that 1038 Linux/Line 6 users now.

Linux and Line 6 kinda sound the same if you say if fast, so you'd think Line 6 would support Linux too.

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by euro_par on 2009-06-14 08:04:59.9830

Funilly enough - my first thought when hooking my Bass Podxt up to my computer was - wish there was a Linux driver.

Do I was considerring developing one.

You've saved me the trouble - thanks.

If you're looking for any help in further development let me know.

Email :

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by sysdoc on 2009-06-20 00:07:42.1290

Hey grabner,

I just bought the POD X3 live and I'm trying to bang the USB driver into Fedora 10 and I'm going nuts with the install... The source file will not copy the driver to the dir for the planet CCRMA kernel. Really need a rpm file, what ever I can go to help with getting an rpm file built let me know. I also posted the error on >>



Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by Insidian on 2009-06-21 12:30:40.9710

Awesome man. I just found this after doing a google search for Line 6 Linux Drivers. Been looking for something like this for awhile. Do you have X3/L support yet?

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by sedgetone on 2009-11-22 11:40:22.3440

I wish Line6 would work with you in the same way that Wacom work with the open source community. They essentially give the details to the community and its then up to the dev's if they want to support the features or not.

I've switched from Cubase on Windows to a completely Linux setup, fantastic moved and it wouldn't have been possible without your work!

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by jlipoth on 2010-04-04 21:47:31.2630

I've come close trying the line6 usb driver and wine with gearbox, but I'm not that well versed in linux to know how to setup all the background stuff:

I skinned my ubuntu install to look like windows (and my windows install to look like ubuntu LOL).

Does anyone have suggestions?

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by jchamp on 2010-06-24 01:12:13.6560

I've succefully made my UX1 working with your drivers. I still have to use the line in input instead of the standard guitar one.

Sadly, I was not able to make Pod Studio working (with wine or virtual box.) And apparently, nobody has found a way to make it work.

But Guitar Rig 4 is working fine with wine. That's sad, the next stuff I'll buy will be from National Instrument instead of line6 because of that, and it is preventing me from buying model packs and upgrading to pod studio 2.0.

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by strangedata on 2010-08-19 06:53:58.5980

Buy M-Audio instead. Most USB (and a few firewire) products are Linux compatible.

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by grabner on 2010-08-22 15:49:35.2690

The next version of the Line6  Linux driver will be ready for release in the near future, and I invite you to try it out and give feedback on version 0.9.1beta which is available under

Here is a brief list of the most important changes compared to version 0.8.1 (there was no "official" version 0.9.0):

  • improved support for TonePort/POD Studio GX
  • added support for TonePort/POD Studio UX1 and UX2
  • support for Linux kernel > 2.6.35
  • using standard Linux kernel configuration method
  • improved device initialization
  • power management handling (continue audio I/O after suspend/resume)
  • test suite for interactive driver testing
  • source code instrumentation tool (write checkpoints to syslog)
  • optional impulse response measurement

Unfortunately the POD X3 is still not supported (and won't make it into this release). The goal of this release is to have a solid replacement for version 0.8.1 which is currently included in the Linux kernel staging tree. I'm going to contact the kernel maintainers soon and submit the code, so if you have any issues with 0.9.1beta, please let me know, and I will try to fix it.

     Thanks & kind regards,


Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by Blonqvist on 2010-11-04 23:29:00.5690

G'day to ye sir,

I might be dum as f***, but I find no

-source package or similar in this directory

Could you help me out how to download and install this?


Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by bkmfs2 on 2011-03-27 17:38:14.4960

This is how I did it on a Fedora machine:

su -

yum -y install svn

svn co line6usb

cd line6usb

#before you continue, make sure you have 'kernel-devel' (of the kernel currently in use) installed.#

make install

#if the unit isn't already plugged in, plug it in now.

#wait a minute and type:

cat /proc/asound/cards

#to make sure computer sees it.

yum -y install alsamixergui

#open alsamixergui with 'hw:' to whatever soundcard number.  (example:)

alsamixergui -D hw:1

#turn 'monitor' slider all the way down

#open pulse-audio gui and select your card for input and output.

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by boydgrossii on 2011-03-28 09:01:07.9210

Do you think that will work on Ubuntu?

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by bkmfs2 on 2011-03-29 22:15:37.0060

#Crap!  forgot to tell you that you also need 'gcc' and 'make' pre-installed.

#The 10.04 version of ubuntu already has an older version pre-installed so you'll have to remove that one ( ).

#Also you would have to change some of the commands for logging in as "super-user" and use a different package manager.

#Basically you need to have 'gcc', 'make', 'svn', 'alsamixergui', (and whatever else google tells you you need ) pre-installed.

#Don't forget to have the kernel-devel package of your current kernel installed.

#Then in a terminal you execute the commands:

sudo svn co line6usb

cd line6usb

sudo make install

#Then you have to find your souncard with:


#This tells you how your Line 6 device viewed by the computer ('hw:' number).

#Replace 'hw:1' with whatever shows up for your sound card when you type:

alsamixergui -D hw:1

#You HAVE TO turn the 'monitor' slider all the way down or things will crash (unless the 'svn' site has a newer version that fixes this).

#Just so you know, the thing is a little volitile but I was able to use my Line 6 UX2 with jack-audio with (so far) dependable success.

#Just F.Y.I., I bought a M-Audio MobilePre the other day and it works right out of the box.

#Here is who I owe my sanity to:

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by bkmfs2 on 2011-03-29 22:18:18.3080

I have hated every second it took me to figure this stuff out.  I am very angry with Line 6.

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by bkmfs2 on 2011-03-29 22:21:43.5770

Extreme hate.

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by benet221 on 2011-04-02 01:55:04.6730

I'm trying to get HD300 works with ubuntu lucid (2.6.35-25).
Looks like this devices is not supported.

I change the LINE6_DEVID_POCKETPOD 0x5051 to 0x5057 on the usbdefs.h, compile and reconnect, I can see the driver loads, but not in use, and is not appear on /proc/asound/cards

Any experience with HD300 and ubuntu?

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by muck_fr on 2011-09-14 01:24:45.8950

Hello dear ubuntu-line6 users,

I own a pod HD 500 and at this time, I'm not able to manage the full connexion between ubuntu and the pod.

I'll get ubuntu studio soon and then retry.

Somenone has some positive experience in connecting a pod HD  with ubuntu?

Is there any other solutions than getting an additional usb sound card? By the way, someone has advices on the usb sound card choice for ubuntu?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by crice53 on 2012-03-13 14:49:25.7140

Positive experience for PODXTLive using a Virtual machine with Oracle VMware  in Ubuntu.

Failed with WINE atmo, software installs but will not recognise device......

will keep looking for a way to 'install ' the device driver in WINE/Ubuntu...

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by seamonkeydcc on 2012-05-26 03:17:38.6600

interesting stuff!

extreme request, but wondering if you've given any thought to an iOS port of your USB driver? i have a podxt live, and while line6 edit is better for editing patches than on the device itself, i can imagine editing patches on an ipad with multitouch would be ideal.

i suppose you'd run the risk of line6 sending out cease and desist orders quickly as it'd interfere with sales of their midi mobilizer, but damn, it'd be cool.

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by jefframble on 2012-05-30 05:24:51.5240

Hi Crice,

I'm trying to connect the PodHD500 to Linux. The Effect-&Variax-Control works fine with VirtualBox but I'm not able to record via USB although i had the ALSA driver installed via Line6Monkey. The HD500 shows up as an input source in the WinXP preferences and in the recording software (Audacity). But when I hit the record button the transport line doesn't move and I don't hear a thing (same happened with soundrec.exe and other rec-software). What recording software do you use?

I tried it via Wine too - I installed usb4wine, alsa4wine, line6Monkey and the HD500 driver, but i can't get no connection.

You got me any advice?

Thanks to all of you!

Cheers, Jeff.

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by KING_Hydra2013 on 2013-01-01 15:56:12.5350

Will this work on the line 6 pod ux2? Because I'm about to switch my laptop over to Ubuntu for various reasons from windows 8 and I need to know if this software will make the driver for ux2 on Ubuntu?

Re: Linux driver for Line6 products
by Odox on 2013-01-29 01:14:28.4590

I want to forward some information about my experiments with "Line 6 KB37"">"> on Ubuntu. Simply connect it via USB gives no response at all. All LEDs and gauges are black and I can not see anything in Qjack. After installing Markus dirver (Line6linux 0.9.1beta) the same thing happens. No light, no life. If I run lsusb I can see that KB37 has id 0x4152. Since KB37 has some similarities with UX2, I wanted to test how KB37 worked with UX2 driver. With the advice from Markus, I could change the id on the UX2 in usbdefs.h as a test. Yes, but No! LEDs and meter lights up but the needles shows full scale and octave selection indicators LEDs all lit up. Under Windows, only one LED is lit at a time.

Here I am now, and get to choose if I want to start making music in Windows or switch to another interface. Too bad, I like KB37 but have learned to make music in Linux.

What I want out of my KB37 is MIDI from The keyboard and the sound from the microphone and instrument inputs. I do not need POD Farm, GearBox, etc.


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