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FBV MkII and Spider III 30 compatibility
by DaveBooth on 2010-07-20 11:20:27.4890

I just bought an FBV MkII controller to try with my Spider III 30 amp. According to the downloaded user manual for the amp, all of the lights and functions of the pedal are supposed to work except for the tuner (as the amp doesn't have a tuner built in). Even a couple of posts on this site have users indicating that all of the functions of this controller work with their Spider III 30 amps - including the tuner. When I connect mine, the only thing that works is the A, B, C, D input switching - but none of the lights when an input is selected. I get no wah, volume or tuner. I followed the calibration instructions and everything acted normally during the calibration (all of the right numbers and lights came on at the right times) but there was no improvement in the functionality of the pedal after finishing the calibration. Is there a definitive document from Line 6 that accurately indicates what is and isn't supposed to work in this combination? If everything is supposed to be available on this pedal with this amp, how do I make mine work? Thanks in advance.

Re: FBV MkII and Spider III 30 compatibility - fixed
by DaveBooth on 2010-07-20 16:56:09.1580

I'm answering my own question... Turns out it was the brand new Cat5 cable provided right out of the box. I don't have a network pinger to test it but obviously, one or more of the pairs is fudged. I'll be taking it back to the store for a replacement from Line 6. Once I connected one of my own network Cat5's, everything came on fine and everything on the peddle works - including the tuner, wah peddle, volume and all of the lights actually come on. Hooray.

I do have to say that I find the user manuals and other documentation lacking on specifics of compatibility between the FBV pedals and the amps. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with my little 30 watt amp and FBV controller.

Re: FBV MkII and Spider III 30 compatibility - fixed
by jetblack76 on 2011-09-22 12:38:24.5880

I have a Spider III 30 and I just ordered a FBV Express controller. I am hoping not to have any issues setting the controller up with my amp.

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