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XT-Live through USB sound problem after updating driver for Win XP !
by Svend_Paulsen on 2010-07-20 16:52:22.6320

After many years of kindfull use I saw there where new driver´s aviable for my POD XT-Live again.

So I downloaded/installed newest versions. (and newest Monkey too.)

I dont know what versions the old one was (something right before the Vista era :-) but after the download the current ones are:


USB Firmware: 1.12

Flash Memory: 3.01

(and Monkey: 1.33)

........and that is what Line 6 Monkey says is the newest supporting Windows XP! (I run XP Home Edition Version 2002 with SP3.)

Since the update I have a problem with the sound that runs through the USB;..... both ways!

Means the sound running from the PC via USB through the XT-Live to the connected amp/speakers or from XT-Live to the PC for recording.

It sounds like a slow alien in a barrel! Its very reverbed and absolutely bad cracling. No matter if soundfiles, CD´s, or online´s as f.ex. Youtube .....what ever; or the other way guitar-recordings to the PC.

The XT-Live to amp/speaker sound itselfs as stand alone equipment (I use an active monitor speaker and PA instead of an guitar-amp) is ok !!!

Thanks god for that!!!!!!!

All sound from the PC through my M-Audio Mobile Pre USB Audio Interface (with connected Speedlink Subwoofer speaker´s) or for the other way recordings (not the XT-Live generated ones....they sucks now!) through it are ok.

So its not the PC or its USB´s thats wrong.

All in all I guess the XT-Live Drivers have a problem. Even they are Win XP supported.

Maybe wrong bit bandwide (32 instead 16 or something like that?)

I also tried to download/install all the drivers one more time but the result was the same.

So is there anyone out there with some idea what´s to do?

Maybe theres something other I just miss/overlook!?

If necessary !!! where can I get an old "safe working" driver version here? (Old "before 2007" ones seems not longer aviable on the Line6 download site!)

Anyway....I think that sounds a little bit like the Win 7 driver issue.....maybe there is an engage?

With kind regards

Svend (Germany & Denmark)

PS. Sorry for my bad English but its just my 3 language and I wrote without looking in an translator...

       Hope its good enough anyway.....haha ?!

Re: RE: XT-Live through USB sound problem after updating driver for Win XP !
by Line6bakker on 2010-07-22 07:38:03.5610

Hi Svend,

  please try these steps first

  1. Fill out your support profile at

  2. Ensure that you have tested all cables to make sure that they are not defective (USB, audio, etc.)

  3. Ensure that you have all cables connections set up properly

  4. Adjust the Buffer Slider in the Line 6 Audio MIDI Control Panel. (Windows Users: Start/All Programs/Line6/Tools/Audio-MIDI Devices; Mac Users: System Preferences/Other/Audio-MIDI Devices)

  5. Adjust Sample Rates and Bit Depths in the Line 6 Audio MIDI Control Panel and ensure that the Sample Rates and Bit Depth settings in the Line 6 Audio MIDI Control Panel also match the project settings in your DAW/recording application

  6. Ensure that you have the Line 6 device set up in your operating system as the main input/output device (sound card); disable internal sound card in your operating system’s Device Manager control panel

  7. Ensure that your Line 6 USB Device is not connected to a powered USB hub; direct USB ports are required and please try ALL available direct USB ports during the troubleshooting process

  8. Remove all non-essential USB peripherals from the computer (not the mouse or keyboard)

  9. Disable any wireless cards on computer in Device Manager

  10. Set Power Schemes on computer in Control Panel (PC Only) to Always On

  11. There are also several other tips and optimizations you can make on your PC. Please refer to the following document for more information:

  If this does not help, you can roll back to an older driver that can be downloaded here:  choose your product / drivers / Windows XP in the drop down menu's


  Serge Bakker

  Line6 customer support

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.