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Background Noise Problem while recording at home!
by Andregillon on 2010-07-28 04:15:09.6400

I have a spider IV 75 watts and to do some recordings im using m-audio fast track pro, when i record with guitar rig 4 for example i dont have noise in my recordings, when i use the bass amp to record i dont have noise problems, when i put the spider IV 75 it makes a background noise that destroys all my recordings.
I think that its not because of the pc or the m-audio because they do not make noise with other amps.

To record i put the cable in the phones output and conect it to the m-audio i dont know if im doing it right but if somebody can help me i would be very gratefull

RE: Background Noise Problem while recording at home!
by Line6david on 2010-07-29 10:01:39.5410


I'm sorry to hear about your recording problems. I have a few questions so that I can better diagnose what's going on.

1. What kind of noise are you getting in your recordings when using the amp?

(Hum, Hiss, Pops/Clicks or a combination of things.)

2. Is the amp plugged into grounded power? do you have it running from a power conditioner?

3. Are you trying to run multiple amps at the same time on the same power outlet?

Get back to me soon and hopefully I can help you with your problem.



Line6 Customer Support

Re: RE: Background Noise Problem while recording at home!
by Andregillon on 2010-07-29 16:32:27.6930


1. i hear a hiss and it pops and clicks many times so its a combination of the two

2. the amp its plugged to grounded power

3. when i am at the garage i put all the amps running trough the same power outlet and it makes the noise, but when im at home i use only one amp running in the power outlet but it still makes the noise at the recordings

i will send a recording with the noise from the amp to you

thx for helping me out

RE: Background Noise Problem while recording at home!
by ricksox on 2010-07-30 16:39:01.9110


I set up our Spider IV 75 here and ran it into the Line Inputs of my UX2 here. The sound was perfect. No background noise at all.

So, you should try a few things.

Make sure you are using balanced TRS cables. Cables with superior shielding will help to reduce noise.

Also, make sure you are connecting the direct out of the amp into a LINE Level input on your Fast Track. If you are connecting into an instrument level input you could be experiencing this noise due to an impedance issue.

Try other outlets in your house or rehearsal space.

If none of these things do the trick then I'd suggest having a service center take a look at the Direct out on the Spider just to make sure it's not a faulty output.


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