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Tone Port Pops Powered sPeakers...when shutting down or booting up PC(DAW)
by overdub on 2010-07-31 03:39:21.6900

And I sure would like to know a circuit to build that would absorb and effectively mute those pops.  On some pro-level equipment these days, there are built-in 'soft starts' and such that help to prevent voice coil damage when power to speakers is switched on...a helpful circuit to the budget as well as to the eardrums.  It surprises me tho that I couldn't find this Tone Port popping problem discussed on the Line6 site....or maybe I just haven't used the right search terms.  Hopefully, I'm not the only person in the world who's aware of the behavior and who also believes there needs to be a simple, quick way to eliminate the popping each and every time a Tone Port is rebooted while outputted to powered monitor speakers.

Now, please, don't everybody at once yell something like "well, turn the offended/offending speakers off while you're re-booting, stupid!".  Sure, that would work.

I certainly would do that very thing if my arms were 8 feet long and my hands were a half inch thick.  The speakers are mounted in an inconvenient location and it simply isn't practical to turn them off and on regularly...and in the presence of others who would wonder why killing the sound was even necessary.  So, my fellow players and recordists, here's my question: could I bridge the UX2's line-outs with some capacitors, chokes, etc. in order to absorb the energy that would otherwise go straight to the speakers' amps and in turn the speakers thus delivering to all ears on deck this very annoying and possibly dangerous popping report at somewhere well over 110 db in sound pressure?

I have imagined a number of workarounds for the problem but most wind up just becoming silly.  For instance, Hook a foot switch to a pair of spare solenoids robbed from an old pin ball machine.  Then fashion one of those to a linkage that would pull the 2 cables out of the UX2.  Then use the other solenoid to push the plugs back INTO the UX2. floor switch to cut the offending pops' signal, and the other floor switch for returning to the normal ON condition by slamming the plugs back into the UX2's Line Out Jacks.  Might be a fun project for my grandson's science and physics classes. But for my practical purpose, there has to be a better way.  What say yee? 

RE: Tone Port Pops Powered sPeakers...when shutting down or booting up PC(DAW)
by Line6david on 2010-08-03 08:19:34.7530


I haven't heard of this problem affecting the UX2 but I have seen it on various USB interfaces from time to time.

A few quick questions:

1.Do you have the interface connected through a USB hub?

2.Have you tried different USB ports on the back of your computer?

3.Have you uninstalled and reinstalled your drivers?



Line6 Customer Support

Re: RE: Tone Port Pops Powered sPeakers...when shutting down or booting up PC(DAW)
by overdub on 2010-08-05 01:11:29.3030

Hi David, thanks for your suggestions. I have the USB connected to a rear port but haven't tried each/every port...  Really, do I need to install drivers for every port to test them all for popping?

I've used this Tone Port with a few different PCs and laptops but I probably took precautions to avoid the expected pops, so can't be sure if it's a USB problem.  But you've forced me to experiment.  I have a spare Tone Port which will be a good 'control unit' to put into the experiments. I'll report results provided I survive the knee stress, elbow and cranial traumas; and, of course, the marriage, which is tested regularly, especially when there's too much dead air coming from the studio.  "Why doesn't all this expensive gear just WORK?"  On that point, I ask the same question regularly.

In the meantime, all suggestions and comments are welcome.  Really do need to make the reboot 'bumps 'n pops' to take a hike.  No doubt they could destroy speaker and tweeter diaphragms . Thanks.

Re: Tone Port Pops Powered sPeakers...when shutting down or booting up PC(DAW)
by Usernamesstink on 2011-08-31 20:42:43.6290

Hi Overdub, I just jumped online to research this same annoyance that has been bugging the heck out of me for far too long.  I also have the Toneport UX2 and am driven nuts by the popping, or having to power off my speakers constantly.  Anyway, I notice that your post was over a year ago.  Did you ever work out a solution?  I am very interested in hearnig about your current situation.

I just bought a new iMac but this issue also happened with a PowerMac G5.

I wonder if other/newer Line 6 gear does this?

I am hopeful that you will respond.   I hope things are better for you!

Re: Tone Port Pops Powered sPeakers...when shutting down or booting up PC(DAW)
by Slingy on 2011-09-01 11:36:17.6580

This has been a known issue since the day UX devices were released. We talked about it back then alot. The only solution is to turn your speakers on after booting up, and off before shutting down what a pita

Re: Tone Port Pops Powered sPeakers...when shutting down or booting up PC(DAW)
by lesdudis on 2011-10-04 21:34:01.9410

Hi everyone, I have the Toneport GX and the popping gets pretty annoying (not just from powering on/off but signals get cut during recording/playback). Does this happen with the new Line 6 POD UX models?

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