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Original Spider Valve and looper/phrase recorder (Boss RC-2 or DT Jamman Solo)
by laurentphd on 2010-08-01 09:34:12.9820

Hey guys,

I sometimes have nifty ideas that run through my head and since I'm not of money I liked to have at my disposal all sorts of sounds and effects at my disposal. That's the reason I bought the Spider Valve 112 a couple of years ago (It's NOT the Mk II series... it's the very first series that is now discontinued, so unfortunately no looping included) tube sound with all the versatility of Line6 modeling. I've never had to add anything to it until I started wanting to practice more of my improvisation.

I decided it would be time to get outside of the Spider Valve box and myself a looper (Boss RC-2 or Digitech Jamman Solo)... But then I started thinking... plugging a pedal from my guitar to the amp directly (guitar -> pedal -> amp). It would ultimately affect the whole loop/phrase's sound. Example: Let's say I want to loop/phrase a rhythm pattern in a clean sound like "Clean Amber" ... but then I want play harmonies over it in a distorted sound like "Metal Blue"... the rhythm pattern I first recorded would be affected by the switch from clean to distorted sound ... so the rhythm pattern would be distorted right? (It's a bit besides the point since everything I record and try to layer on each recorded pattern will ultimately come out like the amp settings)

So I was checking a bit everywhere on the Spider Valve and I thought maybe I can connect the pedal from the "Preamp Out" to the "Power Amp In" ("preamp out" -> pedal -> "power amp in") ... My logic is that the Spider Valve's Effects loop starts from the guitar input jack and ends at the preamp... so putting the pedal at the end of this "effects loop" would not affect the phrase recording... Do you think it would work? ... I don't want to scrap my amp by doing this... is it safe? By doing this will I still be able to use the amp modelling and effects? If that doesn’t work ... is there a way? ... I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me. I think looping will improve my improv skills and harmony writing.



Re: Original Spider Valve and looper/phrase recorder (Boss RC-2 or DT Jamman Solo)
by Rowbi on 2010-08-01 10:06:23.2240

ht einfo about this is in the SV manual in the form of a block diagram.

sitck it in the loop as you described and you should be able to do what you want by recording the actual tone from the amp presets on your looper, then when you change preset, your loop wont be affected.

hope this helps.

Re: Original Spider Valve and looper/phrase recorder (Boss RC-2 or DT Jamman Solo)
by jsteene on 2013-01-21 14:50:02.4860


That confirmed my own conclusions after reading the manual virtually in side out!

I'm of to buy a looper pedal!!  :-D

Line6 rules!!

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