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POD Studio KB37 ASIO driver problems on Win 7 laptop
by jonasle on 2010-08-02 04:54:31.5580

I have several problems getting the ASIO driver (version working with POD Studio KB37 on my laptop.

More details:

* POD Farm 2 (Standalone):

Works fine mostly, but when I change between single chain and dual chain the sound stops.

Only way to get it working again is to disconnect and reconnect the KB37 USB cable.

* Ableton Live (width POD Farm 2):

Works mostly. Sometimes Live hangs for some time (5-10 seconds) when arming recording.

Live must be started before POD Farm 2. If POD Farm 2 is started first Live states there is no ASIO driver.

* Reason Adapted:

ASIO  driver crashes when selected. Can't be used at all. Even the MX driver  doesn't work to the KB37. Only internal soundcard works.

KB37 works as a MIDI-controller.

* RiffWorks:

Does not work at all with the KB37. When the KB37 is connected RiffWorks won't start - it just hangs.

I have an HP G62-112SO Notebook PC.

Intel Core i3-330M (2,13GHz)

4GB DDR3 RAM (2x2GB)

720rpm SATA HDD

Windows 7 64bit

I have tried to reinstall the driver.

I have tried disabeling the internal soundcard.

RE: POD Studio KB37 ASIO driver problems on Win 7 laptop
by Line6david on 2010-08-03 08:02:42.5660


I see in your profile that you are using Windows 7.

We are experiencing compatibility issues between Windows 7 and our current drivers. These problems include:


Latency Problems

Audio Dropouts

Crashes on some systems

These problems are especially bad with Windows 7/Vista 64bit.

If you would like to see if you are running Windows 7 64 go to:

Start>Control Panel>System

If your version of Windows is 64 bit it will say (64 bit) beside the Windows logo.

The good news is we have a guide on Windows 7/Vista optimization that has helped a lot of users:

We are trying very hard to fix these issues with our drivers. Hopefully, these videos can help resolve your problem.



Re: RE: POD Studio KB37 ASIO driver problems on Win 7 laptop
by jonasle on 2010-08-03 13:57:16.0490

Hi David,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, I use Windows 7 64 bit (as I stated in my original message).

I also know that you are having some issues with the driver for this OS. My main reason for posting here was to give you more information to help you fix the driver as soon as possible.

I have tried the things described in the videos you refer to, but with no success.

At the moment I'm using ASIO4ALL which solved most of my problems. But of course I would like to use a certified working driver from Line6.


RE: POD Studio KB37 ASIO driver problems on Win 7 laptop
by darealagentp on 2010-08-05 11:25:28.3050


Thanks for your valuable feedback/inquiry, we appreciate this very much.

At this time, you'll need to continue using the ASIO wrapper, I'm sorry to say. Until our software developers come up with a new driver that solves many of these issues, we cannot offer you much else besides what is already been mentioned.

Sorry about the inconvenience. Thanks again for your feedback!



Re: RE: POD Studio KB37 ASIO driver problems on Win 7 laptop
by jonasle on 2010-10-10 03:39:34.6740

I have now tried the new driver for a couple of days.

Most, if not all, problems are now gone! Things are now working as expected.

Thanks to the Line6 development team.

Re: POD Studio KB37 ASIO driver problems on Win 7 laptop
by howardayee on 2011-09-04 15:47:00.0780

Guys, I think I've found out what the problem is (at least from my experience).

I too, have a TonePort KB37 that has been installed on our Win7 64bit tower (and the then current drivers) 

for over a year now with absolutely no problems whatsoever. It has been rock solid!

Because of this stability, and the fact that the card and plugins sound so good, we decided to get a UX2 for 

our HP G series laptop. We've had the same problems mentioned above. The first came from the new 

UX2. We noticed it's called a Pod Studio UX2 (not TonePort). Had a lot of trouble getting Monkey to even recognize it's ESN. The serials on the unit & box were not the same as the Monkey's ESN from the card. Still, we managed to coax Monkey to upgrade the UX's firmware and also update the Line6 ASIO drivers, after which, the UX2 was finally recognized by the laptop.

This didn't completely fix things as the UX would lock up or stop sending audio intermittently. We then tried installing the UX on the tower, but it still had installation issues (had to reinstall firmware again). The card would work for a while, and then just stop. Though, it was much better with the tower, it simply wasn't trustworthy for any sort of professional use, so we returned it.

I remember from the days of configuring towers for audio that the USB chipsets used on some motherboards would conflict with USB audio cards. (BTW - we even tried installing our sturdy KB37 onto the laptop, still no luck). So, we decided to return the laptop for another brand (Gateway) and started all over again. With this laptop, we were able to install the KB37 with absolutely no problems to date.

Conclusion: I believe the ASIO drivers were not an issue with Win7 64bit. There is a difference internally between the TonePort and the Pod Studio card versions, which has caused some compatibility issues. We will be purchasing a UX2 TonePort as soon as we can locate one.

Also, the different laptop brand made all the difference. It's just like a few years back..... juggling CPU types, graphics & USB chipsets etc.... to get USB audio to work flawlessly.

Hope this helps.

Re: RE: POD Studio KB37 ASIO driver problems on Win 7 laptop
by chmurarz on 2012-01-14 01:01:32.0430


I use KB37 as a midi controller for some Piano VST and for my guitar with POD.

It still has some very disturbing noises like Clicks/Pops and sometimes (plauing guitar) it just stops emiting any sound, like the guitar was not even connected. Please help.

The document/video about optimalizing the win 7 is not there anymore.

even when I just play some videos and use the KB37 as my sound card

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