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M9 Update Wishlist
by simonfontana on 2010-08-03 23:39:28.3890

I would like to open an thread, with all our wishes, for the hopefully soon coming update to M9.

I would like to have these pedals:

Fulltone '69 Fuzz

Fultone Tone Bender

Boss DS-1

Boss SD-1

Dunlop Cry Baby From Hell

Some kind of Theramin, that is controlled by expression pedal.

Scene shift with an external pedal, in expression input 2, or directly at the pedal.

Instead of stereo out, then it would be great if you could route the pedals, so some could go from L out to input of ams, and others could go from R to the loop of the amp.

Come up with your wishes, and hopefully Line 6 will listen and make an update soon.

Simon Fontana

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by Line6david on 2010-08-05 14:44:59.8650


Line 6 is always glad to hear feature requests so thread away.



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by cybersnyder on 2010-08-05 18:04:53.6480

My wish for bass is:

A dedicated Bass compressor, maybe the EBS or Diamond Bass Compressor

Compressor for Tony Levin type effect, Jacques Fatburner

The synth from the Lowdown series

Sansamp model that was in the Bass POD XT

Brassmaster model from the Bass POD XT

Tech 21 VT Character series would kill - bassists would love you, especially if you removed the "hiss"

Musicelectronix Submarine (if you need one to model, I'll send you mine)

BlueTube pedal - with 12AU7 tube, great for guitar too, above offer stands

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by Kornflake19 on 2010-08-05 18:56:41.9120

I would love to see an acoustic simulator on the M9 and M13.

Some sort of sitar type of sound would be cool too.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by tmilowanow on 2010-08-05 22:35:05.6380

As for me (m13 actually)

1. more gain on comp models (except tube comp, juice and vetta model) - right now it doesn't match the amount of GR on this ones. Actually when I switch to compressed sound, overall volume drops quite noticebly.

2. Tremolo depth thongy - on both "classic" models when I lower the depth, it actually works like boost. and i'm not quite happy with possibilities of mix control knob.

3. More depth on choruses, especially on analog chorus.Volume issues on that one too, when playing with mix knob (2.01 firmware).

4. Maybe looper should remember recorded stuff when going to tune mode?

5. +4db on fx loop, for us with parralel loop in the amp.

Might have more propositions, but right now it's all I have.

Best regards,


Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by cgtrox on 2010-08-05 22:56:58.7800

On the Smart Harmony, the harmony part that it creates sounds a little thin and brittle compared to the original tone. I use it in the loop of my SV and it doesn't sound like what I'm hearing coming from my cab. Maybe some kinda "output EQ" within the Smart Harmony module?? Or at the very least a tone knob. I'll mess around with it some more tomorrow and check back....


Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by phil_m on 2010-08-06 05:15:17.1790

I'd like to see a model of this...   I know, it's a bit unrealistic.  I'll probably end up buying in the semi-near future.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by rschua7 on 2010-08-06 07:39:27.8120

I wish M9/M13 will have the ff:

1. Acoustic simulator

2. Global EQ

3. Model Packs

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by Jeremy_Shirland on 2010-08-06 07:57:15.5140

Phil_M, while I'm a big supporter of Line 6, I've been going through, sort of an, "anti-digital" phase. Right now my rig consists of a completely analog signal chain and effects, and tone-wise, I could not be happier. Having no AD/DA conversions is the easiest way to improve a guitar tone!  I'll tell you something, that El-Capistan seems pretty amazing! I'm GASing a little!

Having an all-analog signal path is becoming a neccesity in high-end digital devices. It was my hope that the M9/M13 would have this, but they don't, and its made me hesitate putting them in my chain. There is an immediate "wallop" in an all analog path that I have yet to replicate with a device that converts/reconverts signal. The Damage Control/Strymon guys know this. Tech21 knows this...It's the best of both worlds. The controlability of digital...the power/balls of an analog dry path...

Line 6...let me buy your stuff again:)

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by withlin on 2010-08-06 15:47:05.9580

Ditto on the acoustic simulator. I love my Boss acoustic simulator. If L6 could get something like that into the m13/m9, that would be great! In fact that would make my M13 annd M9 completely replace ALL my individual pedals. That is the only one I've kept.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by PerFusionist on 2010-08-06 18:08:09.8910

My big 2:

1) MIDI clock sync for the looper

2) Polyphonic capability for the Smart Harmonizer

Please and thank you!

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by kyfast on 2010-08-09 10:39:42.2730

While I really like the M9, I do wish there were more chorus options, I find them to be a little weak. I also would like a sitar setting, instead of some of the (for lack of a better word) gimmick sounds. This is not a complaint, because I really like this pedal. Has there been any conversation as to when /if there will updates?

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by phil_m on 2010-08-09 10:44:40.4420
I also would like a sitar setting, instead of some of the (for lack of a better word) gimmick sounds.

I don't mean this as putdown or anything, but to me, a sitar emulator would be the very definition of a gimmick sound!  I guess it just goes to show that one man's gimmick is another's treasure.  Personally I like a lot of the filter sounds that are a bit gimmicky, but I definitely how they would be of no use to a lot of people.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by cgtrox on 2010-08-09 13:13:52.3860

Good news! The Smart Harmony is fine, I think it was the place I was at the time. The old power supply thang again. There is one open spot though, the dial on the top right is open! Maybe a "tone" knob would be cool...


Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by veets987 on 2010-08-10 08:05:44.9210

A nice Auto-Wah!

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by procise on 2010-09-18 08:08:03.8910

Auto Wah is also my number one request.

Please Line 6, give us Auto Wah.



Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by procise on 2010-09-18 08:10:09.9320

Auto Wah is also my number one request.

Please Line 6, give us Auto Wah.



Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by gastric on 2010-09-20 11:15:28.6230
  • Autowah. I seriously can't believe this doesn't already exist. Make sure it's usable with BASS.
  • Provide some way to get envelope tracking effects working well with BASS. They all overreact to bass signals. If they worked better Tron could possibly be an auto-wah crutch until a proper one was available.
  • Ability to use expression to sweep between beat divisions when using tap tempo or clock sync. How am I supposed to make dub wobble and cool electronica filters without being able to easily sweep beat divisions?
  • Provide more fatness to modulation. Particularly when used with BASS they often just effect the high end and suck some of the low end out. Needs some centered frequency control, or maybe a few separate BASS specific effects.  Again, I point to Tron. It lacks any thick bass filtering.

Delays (where the unit shines), dirt (a few sound good with bass), verb all rock. Modulation leaves a lot to be desired, at least when used with BASS.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by cGil on 2010-09-21 13:19:11.4820

I have become extremely picky and overcritical when it comes to the quality of my rig's tone.   I've had a Lexicon MPX G2 & controller board, and a few big Digitech pedals over the years, including  the GSP 1101 & controller board; but I  eventually swore off digital multieffects due to all the darn  bugs, glitches, and lack of support.  Since then, my pedal board has been all analog.  

But I was SO impressed by the M9's quality of tone of the verbs and delays that I knew I could make good use of 'em.  Okay, some of 'em.  Can't take the lofi cheesy stuff; but after much deliberation and pedal tone shootouts, the M9 has officially found a permanent home on my pedalboard and trimmed it of everything but my RMC Picture Wah, my RC Booster and Java Boost, and a homebrew "RF Drive" distortion pedal that I cannot live without.   So far, the only serious glitch I've found (since the 2.01 firmware upgrade) is the issue with the select knob needing a spitwad to keep it from pressing down too far onto the select-pot shaft.   Easy enough to fix.    Oh, and I am in love with the looper.   The M9 is good stuff.   Think I'll keep it for a while.  Thanks for doing what the other guys wouldn't with your upgrades and  bug fixes.   I would not have even considered the M9 if not for your  more aggressive product support.   Keep up the good work.

In reference to all the calls for autowah options, my hope is that you would take this idea all the way to a superbowl touchdown with the mere addition an envelope follower controller to the list of tempo/pedal control assignments.   Having an envelope follower to control the speed of an auto panner or leslie simulator based on my pick attact like a Mutron was downright addictive and a true joy to have in my effects arsenal.   At the time I remember wishing there were more effects that I could use the envelope follower to control.   I would dearly love to have that level of control once again, and I'm sure the M9 would seriously benefit from having that level of control over anything and everything.     

All things considered, you've got to realize that the world would beat a path to your door just to get the ONLY multifx pedals that could pull off a trick like that.   Unless you let someone else beat you to it.  Please don't let that happen.  Get the jump on 'em now while you can.   Please please please!    Please?


Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by downpicker on 2010-09-21 15:52:46.4690

1) Auto wah (for those time when I want wah, but also want to run around.)

2) Clean up the harmonizer. Had to put this in there since this is a wish list. That said, I think it sounds great for a multi effects unit at it's current price point.

3) Savable loops. This would be nice as I am the only guitar player in my band, yet they insist on doing songs with two distinct guitar parts. I do use the live loop feature, but it would be nice to save in a little section and tap tempo it in to place. Again, I realize that this unit is $500 and I'm already more than pleased with it.

Re: M9/M13 Update Wishlist
by manrocketship on 2010-09-22 23:22:04.3140

Line 6,

1: Acoustic Sim

2: Auto-wah, duh.

3: Global EQ

4: More Synths

These would be nice.

Re: M9/M13 Update Wishlist
by gastric on 2010-09-23 05:50:26.4100

Here's a few more effects that will help me use my M9 with BASS:

  • Bass Wah.  None of the current wahs seem to target the bass guitar range well, I end up using Q Filter which merely sounds OK.
  • Moog Low Pass Filter. Thick, resonant low pass filter you can use with expression, or syncable LFO. I've tried bending one of the existing to do this like the Q or Throbber with speed at min, it doesn't sound good.

Re: M9/M13 Update Wishlist
by howdthattaste on 2010-09-23 07:54:18.0410

hey, this would be great to put on the wiki! feel free to update it.

i've tried to include everyone's suggestions and even a few of my own, but they are guitar-biased. More bass input needed!



Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by loomer415 on 2010-09-25 20:15:14.7460

Reverse Reverb - something similar to the SPX90's with a wet/dry mix

Step Phaser - ideally you could set or manipulate the pattern like you can with the pattern tremolo & seek wah settings

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by schizo910 on 2010-09-28 05:50:37.3340

Is there any info on when to expect a new update? Just curious ...

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by vinnie88 on 2010-10-03 17:59:36.5780

I'd love one or more of the following:

Fulltone OCD

Marshall Bluesbreaker or Guv'nor
Fulltone Fulldrive 2
Matchless Hot box

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by KevinStephens on 2010-10-03 19:16:26.1500

More bass friendly stuff: One or two bass compressors or bass dirts would be very helpful.  The tracking isn't the best for the pitch related effects (pitch glide, synths, sub and plus octave fuzzes etc), if there were a way to touch that up a bit, that would be absolutely stellar.

The ability to name folders and scenes would be fantastic, but probably out of reach.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by vinnie88 on 2010-10-04 02:32:14.9730

You can name scenes already, when you save them.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by withlin on 2010-10-04 16:55:10.5920

You can only name scenes on the M13, not the M9

Re: M9 Update Wishlist - BPM
by devanbumstead on 2010-10-04 21:13:32.7290

Most of my gigs I play to click tracks and I use delays on almost every I'd like to be able to select the note value AND the bpm on each delay effect. If you want to tap in a tempo to override the the pre-selected bpm then that should be allowed but that shouldn't alter every other delay's bpm on that scene, unless you choose to have it affect everything.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist - Verbs
by devanbumstead on 2010-10-04 21:24:03.1820

Sorry, one more thing--I'm a fan of really nice reverb and I don't think L6 has any really good ones quite yet. I know I'll get others that disagree. I do like the octo and particle for an "effect" but for a very natural hall/room verb, I want more from the M9. I currently use a Digitech Hardwire RV-7 which I love. I've also heard the Dr. Scientist reverb and the Hermida Reverb...that's the kind of verb I'm looking for

Re: M9 Update Wishlist - Verbs + Panning / Routing
by pharaohamps on 2010-10-07 08:37:18.2540

Where is the Studio 6 Reverb from the Vetta?  That's the best Line 6 reverb ever!


That said, how about some simple changes to existing models?

Panning - we have the Panner, which is great, but I run two different amps and would like to be able to cross-fade between them using the expression pedal.  I think the Volume model could be updated to allow panning in this way.

Parallel / Routing - A lot of bass players run their dirt pedals in parallel with a straight signal.  How about a model that allows a straight signal to be blended with any mono model?  Since the mono models collapse a stereo input to mono, you'd have to put the routing model in front of it, and it would pass the straight signal to the next model in line along with the mono model.  I don't know how the architecture of the M9 / M13 is designed so I can't say how feasible this is, but it seems reasonable.  Being able to control the relative volumes of the two levels would be helpful, as would being able to split them based on their frequency (as with a crossover.)

I love my M9, but these changes would certainly make it better for my setup.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by stevoj on 2010-10-30 03:44:01.2730

(1) It's too easy to accidentally overwrite a scene instead of changing scenes by holding down Tap and 3A too long.  This could be overcome by doubling the current time required to save.

(2) An acoustic guitar simulator (eg Boss AC-3) would be really useful.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by sturge on 2010-10-30 19:28:45.5810
  1. Auto wah would be cool
  2. So would an acoustic sim
  3. What about a wah with a gain control so you don't have to step on an overdrive and a wah button at the same time to solo?  The OD could be built into the wah model...

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by prgr on 2010-11-06 04:58:06.3020

My wishlist is really simple. To be able to set the panner-effect manually to anywhere between left and right. This way i could use the expression pedal to pan between my two amps or store a hard left or right preset to switch between amps! It's an easy update that would replace my old ABY-box.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by gastric on 2010-11-06 05:20:14.4420

1. To be able to save scenes I just modifed to any folder of my choice when using Manual Scene Save mode. On my M9 pick any scene in any folder, modify it, press-and-hold Play+Tap until Save Scene appears, then rotate the Model Select knob but nothing happens. You're stuck only saving within the same scene. However, if you want to recall a scene you can press Play+Tap then rotate the Model Select knob and choose a folder.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by Philo99 on 2010-11-07 15:36:08.6190

In addition to autowah, I'd liek a treble booster.  Line 6 had a model used in the DM series, but it seems to have disappeared.


Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by Spiderfi on 2010-11-08 03:46:24.8080

Boss Blues Driver

Lovepedal COT 50

Xotic BB Preamp

Fulltone OCD

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by allnatural on 2010-11-18 14:05:19.5580

line 6 plz plz plz make an update with a new mode where you can layer multiple effects on ONE stomp(preset). example: having 1 preset be reverb and delay.. this is the whole reason why i bought this unit because i thought it functioned like this. just like how the line 6 amp presets work. i want to be able to make 1 preset for my high gain rhythm that just has a gate on it. then with one stomp go to my lead preset. no gate, tube screamer boost with reverb and delay. this would be the ultimate fx unit!!!!

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by vfriel on 2010-11-19 13:40:03.1420

I persoanlly would like to see an update where you can lock the "effect select" knob.

I tend to hit it accidently with my size 12 boot which changes my sound/effect. This is fine at practice but not during a gig. Right now I'm using a cap from a can of Redi-Whip as a cover so I don't hit it

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by howdthattaste on 2010-11-19 14:31:46.5990

that happened to me too! and 3B was my overdrive tone, so i clicked the knob accidentally and it moved to another overdrive which was way too loud and EQ'd all wrong, etc. yuck!

Here's what I did: you ever collect baseball cards? remember those plastic cases/boxes that could hold like 50 or 100 cards that used crack on the hinges all the time? well i took the deep half and laid over all 6 knobs (M9) . now i have a little protective plastic bubble over my knobs. its clear so i can still see whats going on, and i can remove it to tweak. try that.

redi-whip rocks. One of those hair spray caps would work, or that cough medicine cap. those are clear sometimes. haha.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by vfriel on 2010-11-19 16:21:19.8740

Don't you just love cheap solutions to a problem?

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by alteredmongrel on 2010-11-24 23:32:44.3350

- ability to tap in a tempo change for delays while in time-based mode

I am able to do this with my echo park unit - seems ridiculous that it is not possible with this ultra-sexy M9 unit.  WTF?

Thanks, though.  It's really nice, otherwise.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by davidgrant on 2010-11-30 18:18:59.8290

I'm with cybersnyder:

"... A dedicated Bass compressor, maybe the EBS or Diamond Bass Compressor

Compressor for Tony Levin type effect, Jacques Fatburner

The synth from the Lowdown series

Sansamp model that was in the Bass POD XT

Brassmaster model from the Bass POD XT

Tech 21 VT Character series would kill - bassists would love you, especially if you removed the "hiss" ..."

These are great suggestions.

Also, please even out the gain on the lowpass settings of Tron Up and Tron Down so that they don't inject a massive volume boost when activated.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by schizo910 on 2010-12-02 01:41:47.5490

Hmmm, Flash Memory v2.02 update is released.

But the only thing mentioned about it is.

  • Echo Platter feedback bug fixed.
  • A few other proprietary enhancements have been implemented.

Am I missing something or is this rather poor after waiting over a year for a new release?

Considdering the prices went up for the M9, new buyers might think twice. One of the reasons

for me buying the M9 was the overwhelming thought of the possibilities through updates.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by howdthattaste on 2010-12-02 10:23:02.5060

seems kinda weak.

maybe they are probing for interest, just to see how many people noticed the update. good catch.

maybe we should start a new thread "Firmware v2.02... why?."  they'll see that one.


(apologies for those echo platter users who really do need this, no offense)

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by igozon on 2010-12-09 09:43:02.0470

Nice thread, I hope Line 6 listens!

My wishlist is not very different from most.

1- Acoustic simulator.

2- Autowah, maybe adding rate and depth controls to the existing models.

3- A boutique pedal-style overdrive (it has enough fuzz models).

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by bdarling on 2010-12-21 13:13:44.4300

I absolutely love my M9, but my only hangup is the behavior of the rotary encoders.  When you try to modify the active effect (any parameter), the setting jumps to the current encoder position as soon as the user starts to turn the knob.  This is super-irritating when you're just trying to bump the gain or level by a smidge, instead you get a heap of change.

Would it be possible to ignore the rotary encoder input until it has swept past the last setting for the parameter?

Also, an acoustic simulator would be delightful!


Nevermind about the encoders, it appears that this was addressed with the new firmware.  Rock on!

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by dkerwood on 2011-01-04 22:01:19.7380

-Functional envelope filter.  The "Trons" are fun, but I could not tweak them to be usable as a funk filter.  I ended up buying an EHX Micro Q-Tron.

-Modulated reverb.  I find myself considering buying a Boss (Boss!) RV-5 for the gorgeous sounds that can be had with modulated 'verb.

-Adjustable sensitivity for expression pedals.  I had one built using a regular pot and an oversized knob I could turn with my foot.  Only problem is that the M9 sees it at 100% when the knob is only at 80% or so.  Build in some tolerance so we have a little more wiggle room if the pot's impedence is a little out of spec.

-Allow the user to deactivate the "Setup" and "Tuner" modes in the top row.  I had to redo my entire folder when I realized that I couldn't just stomp two at a time to switch from one effect instantly to another.  After all, why on earth do you NEED a footswitch that takes you into SETUP (where you need your hands for the little knobs)?  It makes no sense!

-Make it harder to copy scenes onto other scenes.  I was doing an outdoor gig a few months ago and the bright sun was slightly obscuring my view of the LCD screen.  I inadvertently held one of the buttons too long and copied my "noise" scene over onto my main scene instead of jumping back to that main scene.  Aiming to get delay and actually getting fuzz is not fun.

-Ability to backup your main folder of scenes to another folder.  Just in case something happens or if I get tweak happy.

-Temporary memory that stores your settings if you scroll away from an effects model.  Is there really a need to go back to default every single time- especially when trying to A/B certain effects?

-Pannable mono effects.  100% wet reverb > phaser on the R channel, dry signal on the L, recombined before leaving the mono output.

-More logical interface on certain effects.  Some of these things... I have no CLUE what they do- I turn knobs and strum, but I'm not sure how things work.  Took me a long time to figure out how to set the individual steps on the Zvex Seek Wah model...

-Scene specific "always on" effects.  Maybe this is more than the processor can handle, but maybe not.

-Vocoder model.  You have stereo inputs, after all.  One can be voice, the other guitar.

-The looper should remember your loop until you clear it or record over it.

It's a really, really fantastic device.  That so many people have ideas to make it even better is a testament to its versatility, usefulness, and acceptance.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by jorgepavel on 2011-01-25 22:42:54.1050

1. The volume pedal as a global effect.

2. A guitar cabinet simulator or a clean amp model as a global effect.

3. An acoustic guitar simulator.

sorry my bad english

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by fenderpeet on 2011-02-01 11:58:17.2920

And "Firmware v2.04... why?." ;-)

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by simskre on 2011-02-22 15:08:58.4900

I'd love a low-pass filter, some synth effects that don't ruin my hearing (more controllable synth effects), more synth effects, oct. up delay and a octave up and down effect (like a micro pog).

I would also love if it could stack multiple effects on one effect.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by dannyhodgson3386 on 2011-03-10 03:09:09.5410

Hi guys, first post but the M9 is something I feel passionate enough about to stop lurking, and if I can have any effewct on future updates that would be very cool indeed! I've been compiling a list of stuff I'd want to add or change for a while so I'll just dive in with them - apologies if some/all have already been suggested!


-Continuous 'lo fi' control as looper option, simulating tape or vinyle style pitch waver just like the Strymon El Capistan's looper and the Z Vex Lo Fi Loop Junky

-Have all looper parameters available when in Looper mode - I'd like to change settings on the fly like EQ and pre/post, and especially the above lo fi control

-Set how quickly you can enter/exit looper mode (I find it a tad too slow, but others might not)

New Models:

- Lo Fi model (like the Ibanez Lo Fi pedal etc)

- Boss OC-2 model

- POG model (polyphonic pitch shifting possible with the M9?)

- Boss SG-1 Slow Gear Model

- Reverse Reverb/gated reverb (for MBV fans)

- Tremolo PEDAL model, with variable wave forms/duty cycles etc.

- Z Vex Fuzz Factory model

- EHX Small Clone model

- EHX Small Stone model

- EHX Freeze/Boss DD 'hold' mode model

- Dod 440 Envolope Filter model

- Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer Compressor model

- Klon boost/OD model

- Nobels ODR-1 model

- Fender Blender/Roland Bee Baa/Ampeg Scrambler model?

Amendments to existing models:

- Level control for all tremolo models (instead of both depth and mix- I always thought they were the same thing anyway?). Opto and Bias are a bit too quiet and Panner a bit too loud

- RATIO prepresentation of tap input (select in menu?) for those of us who get panicky with actual musical notation

- Vol Sens for modulation DEPTH (rather than rate). Select in same way as switching subdivision/continuous?

- Adjust 'bucket loss' and 'tape age' in delays like the Strymon pedals do (since owning an El Capistan I've been spoilt)

- Have the tuner display change colour when 'in tune' - hard to see otherwise maybe?

Hardware: (just coz there are some things that really naff me off!!!)



Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by Tcoz on 2011-03-10 17:48:21.0890

A Sysex version of the firmware update.

Because it always worked, and for many, including me, Monkey doesn't.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by eslijunior on 2011-03-11 09:17:11.1270

Put this sound on POD HD, M9 and M13

- Bubble Echo (I Love this echo)- Can include again(POD X3 have);

- POG2 - Polyphonic Octave Generator(EHX);

- Freeze Sound Retainer(EHX);

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by darwould on 2011-03-12 23:27:09.5360

1) Global Volume Pedal

2) Better Expression Pedal Setup Behavior. My recommendation would be (for the expression pedals) to make getting  into heel/toe mode dependent on the EP position. So for any effect, if  an expression pedal is installed, turning the parameter knob would  modify heel or toe values "only" if the EP was at the heel or toe  position (+/- 10% say). If the EP was somewhere in the middle (+/- 10%),  then the main parameter value changes AND (very important) would  "unassign" the EP from this parameter. With this behavior, it would be  less likely you will need to go to the 2 other options for "undoing" EP  parameter assignments (1=unplug the EP which resets all effects that are  on!, or 2=go to another effect momentarily which brings in the  defaults).

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by segomez on 2011-03-20 20:03:08.5760

I would LOVE to see an update for the looper function, such as a memory bank to save loops, longer loop time, and backing tracks. The looper on the M9 and M13 is my favorite because its so simple and easy to use, and the JM4 is just too expensive specially since all i'm interested in is the loop part of that pedal, not so much the modelers.

I would also like to see a couple pedals:

Electro Harmonix- Electric Mistress

Morley Bad Horsie

Fulltone Fulldrive 2

That would make the M9 and M13 just increadible and unbeatable in my opinion!

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by mwwm on 2011-03-22 02:01:38.6430

- EHX SMALL STONE PHASER! (a must - surely!)


- MOOG BASED LOW/BAND/HIGH PASS FILTER!!!!!!!! (or any synth based filter where one can totally cut off all the audio levels, this would be such a cool thing to have as i use the m9 on much more than a guitar)


- IMPROVED PITCH SHIFTER (i'm really disappointed with the line 6 pitch shifter, it doesn't work well with chords at all)

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by schizo910 on 2011-03-23 03:35:40.9610

Ibanez RC 99

Ibanez FL 99

Polyphonic Pitch Shifter like the EHX POG or better yet POG2 (or The T-Rex Octavius)

Acoustic Simulator

Theramin like effect

Sitar Simulator

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by guitboxer on 2011-08-15 05:17:29.9570

Loving the M9.  There are a few things that perplex me, though.  The first one is this.  It's the only one I want to mention because I think it's an important one.  I will copy what another user wrote in 2007:

"Request 1: This is something that's forcing me to use manual saving instead of autosave: Please make it so that when I change settings on an fx, those settings overwrite the default ones. That way I know I can rotate to other effects, try more settings, and when I go back to them I haven't lost all my work in tweaking them. I know there are more complicated ways to work around this problem involving scenes, etc, but this would make it SO much easier.

You say in autosave all settings we do are saved like in a real pedalboard. That's true, but in real life when I decide to remove one distortion from my board and place another one, they always keep MY settings as opposed to reverting to "default" ones everytime and making me have to tweak them again :-) So I hope you can fix this in a future update."

Would this be a difficult thing to implement?  It would be a massive improvement by providing for much more flexibility within a scene.  For example, I might be on one kind of delay and want to change it out on the fly without having to change the entire scene. 

Much thanks!

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by phil_m on 2011-08-15 06:20:40.6110

Actually, there is an effect copy command that let's you copy an effect with all its settings intact from one place to another within the same scene. Simply have the effect you want to copy active, hold down the model knob until the LCD says "Copy Effect: Select Destination". Then press the switch corresponding to where you want to put the copied effect. I think you can also do this from one scene to the other (I know you can do it in the M13, anyway).

The only drawback to this is that you kind of have to have one slot in your scene as a placeholder until you get everything arranged the way you want it.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by schizo910 on 2011-12-13 03:26:25.6410

Dear Santa....

So over a year has passed since this wishlist thread has started. And what do we have?

A few proprietary enhancements, bug fixes and a bass octaver model... I am still loving my M9, but the thought of adding new stuff through future updates was what got me to buy this unit.

Again, I don't regret getting the M9, but I would've thought this was gonna be a trail-blazing EVER evolving unit.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by swickpro on 2011-12-13 07:26:51.9230

Ha.  Right on.  Love the M13 but would really like to see some kind of movement in development to Phase 2.  Here's hoping in 2012.">">

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by MyM13 on 2012-02-12 09:18:28.7240

Hi M9 users,

that would be nice for me :

- Add cents control to 'pitch glide', to have a soft detune effect, at least between 0 and 1 semitone.

- Have the tuner work on both left and right inputs.

- Have a input overload peek indicator on one of the setup screens, to optimize the level.

- Be able to name a scene. Maybe juste one letter (25 for 24 scenes, ok !). It would be easier than remembering A2 of folder 3...

Thanks !

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by justinjag77 on 2012-02-14 16:45:01.3430

how about preamps   like what zoom is doing

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by Samitch04 on 2012-03-16 20:31:45.3080

My biggest wish/ gripe with the m9 is that the "tuner" and "setup" mode required you to press and hold- or something similar. Too often when playing the m9 I accidentally go to tuner mode or setup mode and it interferes with my playing. other than that solid pedal.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by ryanchrys on 2012-03-24 10:23:26.0230

auto wah  please please!!!

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by theleftfoot on 2012-08-28 00:31:11.8290


- overall firmwareupdate

- a "normal" tremolo

- a funktion to activate (on / off)  some selected effects

- easier scene selection und functionality!


btw; any news on the update front?

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by vhollund on 2012-09-01 05:08:27.1750

1) In Latchmode standby'ing (blinking) a scene should true bypass istead of dsp bp,  when true bypass is selected in settings

2) Simultaniusly pressing 2 and 3 A buttons could be a conveniant true bypass switch at all times. Abilty to change programs while beeing in this true bypass mode would be really nice too.

3) A settings option for each individual scene to choose between universal tap tempo and prefixed taptempo.

(The tap tempo is not worth as much if you have to set it more than one time for each song)

4) FX: More and wierd auto filter effects would be a great addition to M9.. The voicebox and alot of the other wha's could be made autofilter. Distortion and synthy and lofi autofilters for adding color to songs.


It would maybe be pushing the limits of M9 to hard, but the ability to use aux channels, for example to put a reverb on a delay internally without the use of a pedal slot.... Could be REALLY cool.

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by sksksk on 2012-09-03 05:04:21.2540

reverse reverb pleease (also wouldn't mind freeze sound retainer and acoustic simulator)

Re: M9 Update Wishlist
by chukka09 on 2012-09-12 08:29:45.4690

Loving the M9, but it definitely has room for improvement.  Hopefully Line 6 reads these things:

  1. Ability to save a single patch to a different scene - I know you can copy a single patch to another patch location within the same scene, but sometimes you just want to copy a single patch to another scene without having to save a whole scene.  Is there already a way to do this?
  2. Include "Cavernous" reverb from PODxt Live - This is the main verb I use for color/texture guitar parts when I'm using my POD rig and would love to have it for my amp rig.  I guess the "Cave" reverb would be the closest thing on the M9, but it doesn't sound nearly as good and doesn't react the same.  "Cave" sounds too digital and sloppy compared to the smooth ambience of "Cavernous".
  3. Temporarily save tweaks for one effects model if you choose to scroll through other model/effects options.  Another poster (dkerwood) posted this above, but I concur, sometimes you like what you've tweaked, but you just want to see what else is available.  Instead of having to eat up another patch to save it before you go exploring, it'd be nice if you could just scroll through other models or effects and then come back to the original model with whatever tweaks you've already made to it.  Another reason is because I use my M9 in Manual Save mode.  Sometimes I'll go to manually save a patch by pressing down on knob #1 to enter copy mode, but will forget I have to hold it down in order to do this.  Just pressing the knob changes the effects type and wipes out whatever tweaks I had made to the original effect model.  Very frustrating.
  4. Include a decent Uni-Vibe model - I have never thought Line 6's vibe effects sound anything like the real deal.  I have a Sweet Sound Electronics Mojo Vibe that was modeled after an original Uni-Vibe and it nails that traditional vibe sound.  Line 6 vibe models sound nothing like it.  They never capture the swirl-and-throb characteristics correctly, they only seem to throb to my ears.  Until Line 6 gets this right, I'll always carry around my Mojo Vibe anwhere I'm using my Line 6 stuff.
  5. Ability to name scenes - for cryin' out loud!
  6. More Scene folders -  for cryin' out loud
  7. Updates via USB - I know this a hardware update that would require buying a new unit, but really?  This wasn't included on the original design?  Why not?
  8. Ability to lock knobs to avoid unintentional edits on the fly - or ...
  9. Ability to quickly get back to your originally-saved state of a patch after you've been tweaking it, perhaps via holding down the current patch's button a few seconds - Sometimes you're tweaking just gets outta hand and you want to quickly get back to the original state you'd saved.  As it is, you have to go to another scene and then come back to the original scene to wipe out the tweaks.  Seems like too many unnecessary steps.

That's all I have for now.

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