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Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting
by jmc855 on 2010-08-08 21:47:14.7810

Ok, so I own 2 vetta I combos,  with ver 2.5 .  I run 1 out as a gigging amp and one stays in a rehearsal room. I run direct in stereo to the PA.  I have been having a phantom noise that will sometimes be minor, sometimes severe.  When not playing, it will turn into a buzz/hum, When playing It almost emulates a decaying reverb, as a hum noise with a high freq "ring" at the end especially when you mute a phrase..  Its most prevalent in the gigging amp, but is faintly recognizeable in the other amp as well.  It became a real problem at the last gig.  I have spent A LOT of time reading threads around here and the old forum and have attempted basically every"fix" i read to no avail....

I have troubleshooted out the following :

Its NOT an effect, as it exists in the most bare form of a patch.

(turning all effects off lessens the noise, but thats simply due to the overall affect on the chain, its still present with all off)

Its NOT related to MONO or Stereo operation

Its NOT a Guitar , pedal, or cable.

Its NOT a supply issue (tried conditioners line cords etc)

Its NOT related to a FBV board or cable

Its NOT Cabinet model related

Its NOT speaker cab related

Its NOT related to Half/Full Power, or Loudness or Presence or Gain settings in SYSt Setup

Even with Gate Threshold at -55db (which REALLY chokes sustain, even out of a Les Paul ) and a 1ms release, its still present, like the gate can't close fast enough.

Taking it down to -30 will make it go away, but thats masking a problem, not fixing one, and its unplayable at that setting

I've done the "reflash"..... nice hope, doesnt fix anything.

Is there a real fix for this problem that someone has?

Next question if the answer is "No"..... does anyone know if the X3 Live has this issue?  Is it just in the models of high gain amps?  I am all about simplicity when it comes to gigging, and the Vetta SHOULD be that, but its really starting to piss me off with the uncontrollable noises.  Is the X3 a better product, anyone?  I need something that isnt going to be a sound quality issue at gigs.

Re: Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2010-08-09 02:27:32.1180

I have both the Vetta II and POD X3 (Live & Pro).

I don't have the problem that you have mentioned but I use Variax guitars only with my Line 6 gear.

The POD X3 series don't have the same flexibility with post effects routing and you don't have the ability to have multiple stomps before your amp modelling.  Having said that though, the quality of the modelling in the POD X3 series is better.

I still really do love my Vetta II though.

What guitars are you using?



Re: Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2010-08-09 02:31:51.4840

I should add that I use the Vetta to play out the speakers.  If I am going to be plugging direct into the FOH then I will use the POD X3 Live.  Why carry a big heavy 212 combo when I can open a case, plug in 4 leads and start playing?



Re: Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting
by jmc855 on 2010-08-09 07:26:11.3590

Interesting.  I use a Les Paul standard w Jb bridge and Air Norton neck,  and a Les paul Custom with A DUncan Distortion bridge and stock neck, and an Agile LP copy with a Floyd and Tone Zone bridge  Fred neck.

So how many stomps are available in an amp patch on the Pod ?

I usually save my patches withe the reverb delay and chorus I want (sometimes just reverb for rhythm patches, and then usually set a boost to a stomp, pitch shift for the Bender effect to stomp 2 and a flanger/phaser to the third.  Does that mean i basically dont get those anymore?

I'm hesitatnt to send it in for repair because the feedback around here isnt that good, and being a Service Technician, I thoroughly understand that you cannot fix an intermittent problem if it doesnt happen at the time its sent for service, and also because I would expect if Line 6 knew about this and how to fix it , they would plaster that knowledge everywhere to help instill confidence in a product that seems to be taking a beating on this site.  Don't get me wrong, I love my vetta and all its abilities, and the ability to have real close versions of amps I'll never see, but its starting to be become non functional/embarrassing as a gigging musician.

It really seems like its almost a connectivity issue on a board, or in an IC socket  the way it behaves. SOmetimes I think it will be licked by on/off ing it, but then it just shows back up 5 mins later.

RE: Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting
by Line6Hugo on 2010-08-11 11:05:24.3210

These noises are not inherent in the Vetta. IF this is a problem that has developed over time and re-installing the flash memory has not fixed it, then there must be a hardware problem with the amp and will need to be take to an authorized service center:



Re: RE: Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting
by jmc855 on 2010-08-11 17:58:53.1890

Thanks for the heads up Hugo.  Its actually in at the Service Center of the retailer I bought it form Used a little over a year ago.  Alledgedly I have  a Full Benefits 3 year warranty and will not have to pay any costs, at all. I hope they get it straightened out.  I have a second identical Vetta to use that doesnt have this noise, but is a little newer/nicer as it statys in the rehearsal room, and doesnt gig like the other one.  I can take it to cover my gigs while its down.  I hope they are an authorized Line 6 place, or if not will step up and pay Line 6 to repair it correctly the first time.  I hope it gets straightened out and doesnt become a Pandora's Box of mysteries like my Johnson Millenium did after a few years (crappy encoder pots, horrible static at random times, and a come and go DO buzz noise)..... I really like the damn thing.

RE: Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting
by darealagentp on 2010-08-13 14:09:31.2840


Any of our Authorized Line 6 Service Centers will be able to diagnose and provide a solution to your issue.

If they require assistance, they know that they can call our Bench Techs here for further Repair Support as well.



Re: Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting
by mikegross69 on 2012-01-26 15:25:45.1500

I have the exact same problem. Line6 authorized a new elwctonic board etc. Cascio music in new Berlin Wisconsin.  The problem was never fixed. I have 2.5 same issue

Re: Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting
by mikegross69 on 2012-02-07 09:50:32.8860

Hi JMC855,

I was hoping you would post how they fixed your amp if they did.  I have the exact same problem as you.  Can you tell me what component they repaired if it's fixed?  Thanks  Mikegross69

My problem is exactly the same as stated in this post below.  The only thing i can add is that i get the sound humming without playing and after playing.  I get more noise with the FBV floorboard plugged in vs. if i unplug the fbv board.  Maybe that's an indication i don't know.  But as you can see from below it doesn't appear to be any cord or guitar issue.  I use the variax first model 500.  Also, i replaced the entire electronics on behalf of line6.  When i got the amp back from service the sound wasnt quite right.  So i thought like the guy below that i had to upgrade the software to 2.5.  I upgraded the software to factory settings and i have no old patches (clean slate).  I can play on the clean channels with no hum, but any gain patch causes the problem below.  I talked with a nice rep today from line6.  I can take it to get the parts replaced one at a time.  He suggested i try a hum eliminator from EBTECH HUM-x.  I will try a few things first but otherwise this is gonna cost me to repair.

Thanks for any input.

Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting

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Re: Hum/Noise in Vetta with Gain Patches, more notable w/ muting
by flarocks on 2012-06-05 10:59:15.7500

I have been spending a lot of time with my Vetta II head lately and I have had what seemed like incurable noise issues also. The caveat to that is that my head has been back to Line 6  twice in the past 2 months and been gone over with a fine tooth comb so I was at the point where I was just going to dump it on Ebay. I'm glad I didn't........All of my strange noise issues were cause by a crap Planet Waves cable! It was picking up all sorts of stray stuff and dumping it into my amp. The cable worked fine and does work fine with my other tube amps, but with this amp it just does not like it. I drove myself nuts trying to find this and now that I have a simple change to a monster cable has my Vetta sounding inspired. I know it has been said before but the Vetta is a unique animal and does not always conform to the lines of conventional thinking, so if your having an issue look at everything so when you do decide it is the amp everything else has been eliminated. I have even had a guitar or two add noise...go figure.

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