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line 6 dl4 isnt powering up.
by dilljb5 on 2010-08-09 16:47:12.8990

I bought a dl4 from my friend and when i got it everything was fine. now i plug it in (exactly the same way i had been) and it doesnt power up at all. i use a 9V onespot to power my entire board and use the line 6 extension. i tried plugging it directly into the amp and then my guitar directly into the pedal, and im still getting sound (which would mean that the inputs are working) but when i try stepping on the switches nothing happens. no lighting up, no delay, no nothing. its almost like its being bypassed totally. im not getting the effect from the pedal but when its plugged in to the amp im still getting regular sound. someone please help me. i need to fix this and soon.

RE: line 6 dl4 isnt powering up.
by darealagentp on 2010-08-10 13:45:14.6030


I think the issue may have been initially caused by using the Onespot power supply. From my understanding it's a DC type power supply. Our DL4's require an AC-type power supply... and not just any old AC 9V unit.

The DL4 and POD's require an AC Adapter. One Spot Compatibility for Line 6 Devices calls out that POD's are not compatible. However, we have ToneCore pedals (like the Echo Park Delay) that use a DC-1 power supply. Your One Spot could power a ToneCore effect pedal, but unfortunately not the DL4. Sorry.

The Line 6 PX2 power supply specs are: 9V AC, 2000mA (current). DC is a fixed current supply and is not the correct type of power for the DL4.

While it may power on the unit for a while, eventually damage can be cause from prolonged use.

Sounds like you will need to get the DL4 to a repair tech. Only they can open the unit to see the extent of damage to the unit and how to fix it.



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