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Pocket POD Express - Amp bypass
by bobritsky on 2010-08-10 02:50:33.7590

____I'm not shure if you have received my service support enquiry latel y  - I cant find it anywere on your site, so that is second try______

Dear sirs,

I have to say that I've been mistaken by your statement in Advanced Guide (downloadable from your website), concerning Amp bypass (see Q&A section).
You say that amp modeling effect will be bypassed with amp selector knob set to OFF position. First of all, theres no OFF position for Amp. Second, assuming that OFF is fully counterclockwise - amp effect is still definitely there. I can say that because I use Line6 Variax 500 with Pocket POD Express and Acoustic and Reso tones from Variax are affected by amp modeling - there's audible difference between clean bypassed sound and sound with AMP SELECTOR set to OFF.

Assuming that ALL knobs can be set to OFF position, its possible to have BYPASSED signal coming from unit, right? It is how it looks when reading your Advanced guide document.

s/n of my unit is (21) PPE0M5839026680. I need your support - should I bring it to service or theres no way of using just EFFECTS from unit (delay/reverb/chorus/tremolo/flanger)? This possibility is quite crucial for me.

Thanks in advance,


RE: Pocket POD Express - Amp bypass
by darealagentp on 2010-08-12 10:54:31.9080


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