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FEATURE REQUEST - POD X3 Live, Mic muting
by line6bassmonkey on 2010-08-14 04:47:07.3300

Hi all, it would seem that after you have dialled in relevant settings into your patches. If you are performing live there are 2 things that at the moment I can't see work for the X3...

1) You have just finished a song and want to check your tuning, you stomp on the Tune button - everything mutes! (this includes the output of the mic...) I know I can bypass BUT, you can't bypass just a single tone, you have to bypass all audio - letting your instrument spill out as well while you're tuning. Just means you can't speak to the audience while you are tuning! Is there a way to get round this - can it be upgraded with a program update???

2) There is no Voice Effect On/Off - imagine you have a layered vocal effect for the song. You are just about to start the song, or finish it... and you want to talk to the audience... you have an effect on your vocals! Bar creating a blank patch in each bank.. is there anyway to easily turn off all effects on Tone 2 without affecting the patch? Could this also be programmed in an update?

Hope this all makes sense... Does L6 read this support section?


Re: POD X3 Live, Mic muting
by silverhead on 2010-08-14 06:34:38.0390

line6bassmonkey wrote:


Hope this all makes sense... Does L6 read this support section?

Yes - both points make perfect sense. And. like you, I can't think of any workaround or solution that you haven't already probably tried or thought of (e.g. for point #2 - the unaffected vocal patch in each bank, or having a single effect that you can turn off after activating Tone 2 -stll requires two foottaps).

Yes, Line 6 reads this support section - and they will probably tell you that these are good suggestions and you should post a feature request. There's a page on the website where you can do that, but I can't seem to find it right now. The site was recently reorganized.

So while I don't have much help to offer you, I don't think this forum, or Line 6, will be able to do so either. Hopefully I'm wrong and someone can mention a good solution, but I think you've nailed a couple of 'moments' during live play where the X3L simply falls a little short. If you don't get much further response here it's not because people don't understand or care, it's just because we don't have much to say other than 'yeah - right - good ideas'.

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