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mission ep1-l6
by godinbluesman on 2010-08-14 13:26:46.7510

Just recieved my mission expression pedal today, it's great. Built like a dunlop wah and does what it's suppose to do perfect. Comes with a hex key to loosen or tighten foot pedal to preference and a lolly pop,lol. I will definately be doing business with mission engineering again. There are some cheap plastic pedals out there for l6 gear, and maybe they do there job but I cannot stand the feeling of having a cheap plastic toy beneath my foot, this pedal feels like a nice hunk of iron. Check em out

Re: mission ep1-l6
by MaestrosounD on 2010-08-14 15:38:21.6280

yeah the lolly was nice! thank you ME.

as I said in a previous thread; I also think this pedal's great. I have it for 8 months now, no problems.

Re: mission ep1-l6
by godinbluesman on 2010-08-14 18:05:02.6510

I hate having to start new threads here but I have a hard time with this forum. Nothing is easy to find, I belong to many forums and I can find a post from somebody else from 2 years ago in 34 seconds,here forget about it. I'm probably doing something wrong but I don't know what.l already had an expression pedal thread going but couldn't find it.

Re: mission ep1-l6
by Kornflake19 on 2010-08-14 21:00:59.0720

I've got a Roland espression pedal and it sucks.  Cheap piece of plastic with a very inconsistent sweet.  I think I've mentioned this before in a post.  In fact, I think it was even a thread that you started godinbluesman.  I really want to get a mission pedal too and plan to very soon.  Hearing more positive feedback from you has just clinched it I think.  Maybe I'll keep the Roland for now as a second expression pedal...  or maybe I'll just get two mission ones.

Re: mission ep1-l6
by godinbluesman on 2010-08-15 09:48:04.2930

kornflake what's up man, yeah you did tell me about mission. THanks. I couldn't find that freakin thread. I have a hard time using this forum. I have to say man this pedal is solid as a rock and built for the road. I absolutely wouldn't say this if it weren't true. The sweep is top notch and you can even adjust the pedal to your liking. THanks again man, Talk at ya later

Re: mission ep1-l6
by MaestrosounD on 2010-08-15 12:03:33.3610

ew, could have told you that..., had that one as well, sweeps from 10 to about 90 percent... then bought an ex1, better, full sweep, but a very random sweep, that's why i use that one as volumecontrol of the looper, which just fades in and out sometimes. Ep-1 is the way to go. I don't know how you are planning on using a second expression pedal, you might first wanna try using that roland one as a secondpedal.

Re: mission ep1-l6
by clantostheny on 2012-11-29 15:03:45.3410

I just received my new sexy red Mission EP1-L6-RD today.  But the thrill of a new toy faded a bit when I plugged it in.  While the casing is absolutely top quality, I expected it to be the optimal solution for use with my POD HD500.

It isn't for one reason only.  It is not calibrated correctly.  Yes, I get a 0% value reading when the heel is in the down position.  But it peaks at 100% far before the toe position.  I would guess it only utilizes about 70% of the available "pedal throw."

It works great with the M9 Stompbox Modeler, utilizing the entire pedal throw distance when calibrated!  But not so with the POD HD500.

For the price of this pedal I expected more, but I don't believe my unit is defective.

I suppose if the pedal throw doesn't matter to you, it will be fine.  But part of the reason I upgraded from an inexpensive (and slightly modified) Roland EV-5 to this pedal, was to have the very best designed specifically for the POD HD500.

It falls short of my expectations, as it doesn't perform like it was designed specifically for the POD HD500.

Having said that, I do believe the solution falls to Line 6, and not to Mission.  (Hint:  external pedal calibration)

Re: mission ep1-l6
by LewisBrunton on 2012-12-12 07:21:14.0660

hmm I wonder if it is possible to calibrate an external pedal in the same way that you can with the internal one (see page 7 of the HD500 quickstart guide).


Re: mission ep1-l6
by clantostheny on 2012-12-15 17:14:13.9230

Here is an update to my previous post regarding the incompatibility of the POD HD500 with a Mission EP1-L6-RD external expression pedal.

I won't go into all the details of why the Mission EP1-L6 pedal is really not compatible with the POD HD500.  But I did have phone and e-mail correspondance with both Line 6 and Mission Engineering on this matter.

Suffice to say, at the time of this post, apparently Line 6 would need to provide a means to calibrate the external pedal, like can be done with the internal pedal.  And/or perhaps the firmware in the POD HD500 needs to be changed to handle an external pedal that ranges from 0 - 10k ohms rather than 0 - 6.8k ohms.  (This is why only about 70% of the pedal throw is utilized.)  This behavior is exhibited not only when trying to use the pedal to control volume, (as Mission seems to believe) but with any and every parameter you choose to assign to it.

Until something like that occurs, what about us folks that want a quick working solution right now?

It's easy.  Go down to Radio Shack and spend a dollar or two for a 22k ohm resistor (21.25k is what I calculated was required, but 22k works just fine) and connect it spanning the two input jack wires inside the pedal.  Now the pedal will range from 0 - 6.8k ohms making the POD happy!  And if warranty is a concern, then put the resistor (they are very small, and can be installed inside the jack) in a "special" cable you use to connect the pedal to the POD.

And, if Mission or Line 6 ever resolves this issue in the future (which is likely I should think) then just take the resistor out.  Easy!

The entire pedal throw is now utilized, and the transition is smooth from heel to toe, with just a hair more control at the heel end, which when used as a volume pedal gives me more control at the lower volumes.  Perfect!

Additionally, for users of the M9 and M13 Stompbox Modelers, this "modified" pedal still works great.

Admittedly, we should not be having to make any modification to a very expensive pedal to make it compatible with a Line 6 product for which it was designed.  But that's life, and a $1 resistor saves the day.

Have fun!

P.S.  By the way, if you have a Roland EV-5 pedal, you can make the same modification to it to make it work the same.  I know it's plastic and some folks hate that.  But you may already have one, and it is cheaper, smaller, and lighter, and it does work with both my POD HD500, and my M9 Stompbox Modeler.  (As I recall, the Roland EV-5 uses a TRS cable, and I did "snip" the ring wire to make it work with Line 6 products.)

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