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Lincoln Brewster X3 Patch Library - No volume?
by theroniusmax on 2010-08-14 16:59:11.4640

Hey all-

I've heard a ton of great stuff about Lincoln Brewster's patch library for the X3 and wanted to download it and check it out.

I'm a brand new X3 Live owner, had it for about a week.

My problem- when I download his patches and upload them to my X3 Live, they show up properly on the X3 and in Gearbox, but are completely muted.  Can't figure out how to get 'em to play at all...

I've tried it both with Gearbox and Monkey, with equally disappointing results. Any ideas?

A side note- I have downloaded some other patches from, and they work like a charm, using the same method to upload them.  (And, they're great patches too- I'm impressed with the great tone you can get once you know what you're doing... my first few patches that I created from scratch are "OK", but a little fizzy and too trebly.)

Anyway, any help or ideas would be much appreciated. I'm probably just doing something stupid, n00b style... thanks in advance!

Re: Lincoln Brewster X3 Patch Library - No volume?
by gtrman100 on 2010-08-14 19:46:08.2290

I'd check to see that Tone 1 and Tone 2 are on. Press the Output button and check the bottom of the display to see that both outputs are on. Use the knobs to unmute them if necessary, Hope that helps.

Re: Lincoln Brewster X3 Patch Library - No volume?
by johnpicton on 2010-08-15 04:50:05.9100

I would also check your inputs. On the X3 make sure that under inputs that your chosen method of connecting (I am assuming via guitar in) is selected on the inputs page. It is entirely possible that the new patches are set to something else - such as variax.

Re: Lincoln Brewster X3 Patch Library - No volume?
by theroniusmax on 2010-08-15 09:42:03.0530

Hi guys-

Thanks, those were two good places to check, I appreciate the help, got me to look at a couple pieces of the interface that I hadn't played around with yet.   I'm actually using a Variax 600, because I used a bunch of different tones live, including acoustic guitar and the occasional sitar, so it's nice to not have to lug the extra guitars around to gigs.  I also like the ability to do patch changes on the Variax with the X3... one project I'm in is doing Foreplay/Long Time by Boston, and I'm the only guitarist, so I  wanted to be able to cover the acoustic part convincingly and get to that sound quickly.

Still no sound unfortunately- any other thoughts?

Thanks again for the help- like I said, I'm a n00b with the x3, so it's not at all impossible or even unlikely that I'm just missing something lame...

By the way, I roadtested some of those patches from Glenn Delaune last night, and they sounded great live, FWIW.

RE: Lincoln Brewster X3 Patch Library - No volume?
by Line6Tony on 2010-08-19 10:42:00.5220

Hello. WE just published a knowledge base item about loading Lincoln Brewster patches:

Here's an excerpt:

You have to add the .x3m extension to the file.

Download the zip file.

Open it and save the file LB-PODX3-V1 to your hard drive.

Rename the file LB-PODX3-V1.x3m

Open GearBox.

In the Hardware Memory Window click on Open Bundle.

Find the file you just saved "LB-PODX3-V1.x3m" and click open.

Now all the presets are loaded into GearBox (but not the POD).

You can double click on the presets in the Hardware Memory Window to load them into the GearBox window and audition them.

When you find a tone you want to save to the POD, click on the preset in the Hardware Memory Window the highlight it and click on Put Selected to save it to the POD.

When you are done, click on Get All in the Hardware Memory Window to reload the presets that you didn't just overwrite from the POD into GearBox.

Re: Lincoln Brewster X3 Patch Library - No volume?
by Hey_Joe on 2010-08-19 10:59:11.1850

This happened to me also.

Everything that Line6 Tony says applied to what I did before this Line6 document was written. This is my experience with the LB Tone bundle..I tried downloading from his site as well as a thread here about sharing matter where I DLed it I had the same problem you do...this is what I did to get it to work:

LB had Guitar and Variax selected when he saved the tones. I open in Gearbox and just reselect the Input and they are not muted anymore. It's saved for Guitar and Variax and I just re-selected the same thing and the tone now has audio. I did this for every tone in his bundle and saved the whole bundle again and it all works properly for me now. I don't know how or why it happens but some tone bundles for the X3 series just have this strange behavior but most don't.

Re: Lincoln Brewster X3 Patch Library - No volume?
by theroniusmax on 2010-08-19 13:59:25.2870

Hey Joe-  Thank you!!! That did the trick.  I really appreciate it- now I know to try that when downloading other patches too.

Thanks again!

Re: Lincoln Brewster X3 Patch Library - No volume?
by Hey_Joe on 2010-08-19 16:01:44.7480


glad to help

Re: Lincoln Brewster X3 Patch Library - No volume?
by dleahcimfrost on 2011-09-08 15:11:45.7470

Ok, first things first.  If you download the patch from Lincoln Brewster's website, that is a gearbox bundle, not a patch.  If you are going to use that, you have to go to gearbox, open bundle, select the LB bundle that you just downloaded from his site, and then it will load the tones.  I actually prefer the 6 individual most common LB patches that you can get off the internet: LB Acoustic, LB Double Show, LB-Variac, LB1, LB High Gain, LB Low Gain.  Whether you download these patches or the bundle, you need to make sure that your imputs on your Line 6 X3 Live are correct.  Lincoln uses a custom Fender Strat so the imputs are more than likey going to be on guitar.  If you are playing with a variax, like me with the jtv-59, you will need to switch the inputs on your pedal. 

     In the upper left corner just below the save knob is a flat button that says inputs on it.  Press that button and it will bring up your input screen on the X3.  Then using the 1st blk knob out of the 4 beneath the lcd display, you can change your input between aux, guitar, vox, variax, etc.  If you are playing on a variax, you will have to change the input to Variax before you can get any sound.  However, this only applies to one patch, whichever you are on when you change the input.  So, if you move to a different tone patch and can hear any sound again, make sure to check your input.  Once I got my JTV-59, I had to go and change nearly all my inputs on all my patches that I have downloaded to Variax in order to get any sound.

     By the way, just for the record.  There are way better sound patches in the community than the factory patches that come with the X3 Live.  Take some time and go through the Line 6 community patches and get some good ones.  Especially if you have a Variax and can customize the tone to use actually guitar patches in the variax for that tone using Gearbox.  Hope this helps

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