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Bypassing the Vetta Power Amp? Running Seperate Power Amp Through Direct Outs?
by Angelus69 on 2010-08-16 08:51:49.4300


I just wanted some feedback to confirm my theory.

According to the vetta ii manual and from what I understand it is possible to run a direct out (XLR or TRS) connection from the Vetta II out to either a mixer and or seperate power amp. Of course I'm assuming its only the preamp signal that's being fed through the direct outs for either recording purposes or to be fed to a "p.a systems power-amp" in order to get the "house sound". So I can't see why the vetta's power amp would be doing anything with the direct signal in this situation.

Anyways getting to the point does that theoretically mean I could run a direct out connection to a seperate power amp? And then connect an external cab through that power amp?

Also according to the manual, I can change the output set-up so that only the directs are being fed the preamp signal which would switch off the vetta's speakers. Then from there simply route the effects to direct or "wide" mode?

Has anyone tested this?

And if so which connection works better, XLR or TRS?

What type of cables are best used in such a set-up?

Any input would be appreciated,


RE: Bypassing the Vetta Power Amp? Running Seperate Power Amp Through Direct Outs?
by Line6Tony on 2010-08-19 11:42:06.6580

Yes, you can go to another power amp (which is connected to a cab)with those outs. If you feed only the directs, just go wide or direct at that point. XLR is balanced, so it's used with more pro setups.

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