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Monkey can't see my Pod Pro XT or my Bass Pod Pro XT in Windows 7 64 bit
by martinschroeder on 2010-08-30 17:44:28.5520

I recently purchased Record 1.5 and was very excited to use the Line6 features I read would work with my Bass POD Pro XT and my Pod Pro XT.  Once I had installed the latest drivers, Record gave me an error message when it loaded informing me that I would need to update the firmware in order to take advantage of the new features. The PC is not connected to the internet as it is a dedicated studio PC, so I downloaded the latest version of Monkey (1.33) and the latest firmware (or flash) and copied it to a thumb drive from another PC.  The program seemed to install fine, but as soon as I launched it, it could not find my devices.  I attempted to use the USB ports on my PCI card, my PCI Express card and my motherboard with all other USB devices disconnected and it still didn't work.  I reinstalled the drivers paying mind to get the latest ones and that didn't work either.

I suppose I can take them out of the rack and move them into the office temporarily and try to do it on my Vista 64 bit computer, but if there is an easier fix I would much prefer to do it that way.

Thanks very much.

RE: Monkey can't see my Pod Pro XT or my Bass Pod Pro XT in Windows 7 64 bit
by Line6Hugo on 2010-09-01 16:53:29.2830

It would probably be easiest just to update on another computer with internet access. In my experience with trying to update our hardware with Monkey, it needs to connect to the internet at least once after install in order to properly see hardware connected.



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