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A "different and cool" 4 cable method.. but I need help
by guix on 2010-09-01 04:51:03.2620

Hi All

I am just finishing my new set up and I need a bit of a hand from the pro's to make sure I get this right. I am using a "different" 4 cable  method, actually a 3 cable method :-), for my set up and want to make sure the levels and impendances match, here I go. See questions in red.

VARIAX 500 VDI -> X3 Live VDI Input

X3 Live Send 100KOhm Line level? -> In 60KOhm  GLabs SA-1 Attenuator side Out ?!?!?  -> Mesa Nomad Guitar In (most probably some ~1MOhm Instrument level)

                    will the attenuator change the line level from the POD to Guitar level only by putting the signal down -16dB??

Mesa Nomad FX Send 10KOhm Line Level -> X3 Live FX Return 1MOhm Line level ?

X3 Live "Live Out" Amp mode 680Ohm Instrument Level -> a Digitech RP255 for REAL whammy action instrument Level out 500Ohm -> * some boss stomp boxes  * - > In 40KOhm GLabs SA-1  Boost side Out 200Ohm +14dB -> Mesa Nomad Fx Return 10Kohm Line Level

                     will the boost change the instrument level from the POD to Line level only by putting the signal up +14dB??

    I know I could send Line level from the X3 directly but I think the stomps will work better on amp level than line level Wouldnt they?

What would be the optimum output mode for this set up? COMBO PWR? (the mesa Nomad is a 1x12 openback)


GLab SA-1 manual

POD impedances:

Mesa Nomad Impedances confirmed by distributor.

Btw this allows me to use the POD Distortion effects before the amp pre and delays/reverb/mod effects after the pre and before the power amp

....or I can go straight to the Mesa power amp with the pod before it (for use of the pod's amp models)

....or I can use the mesa bypassing the pod completely for real tube power!!

Mind you I use a Mini amp gizmo so the pod switches the mesa channels  :- ) )

Attached a diagram of the rig

Ok so here I am :-)

Isn't this fun?

RE: A "different and cool" 4 cable method.. but I need help
by Line6Hugo on 2010-09-03 10:49:30.6790


It is difficult to speculate exactly what will happen with your signal when routed through your third party hardware that we do not have here.

I suggest connecting your POD in this manner and getting back with us if you run into any problems. Again, the more devices and shifts in signal level, the more likely your signal will be compromised.

Just give it a try, and let us know if you have problems.



Re: RE: A "different and cool" 4 cable method.. but I need help
by guix on 2010-09-05 12:14:39.3880


Can youat least confirm the X3 loop line level assumptions? Im sure it would also help others...

Thanks and best ergards

Unmark This Thread - It's NOT Answered.
by Brion_Kean on 2010-09-05 21:51:06.9960

First up, unmark this thread as answered, it's not, in any way, answered!

Re: The Questions Being Asked Which Are Not Answered:
by Brion_Kean on 2010-09-05 22:08:28.5190

Regardless of ANY external equipment being connected, these are pertinent questions which are Line 6 hardware/software X3Live specific:

#1. Is the X3Live FX Loop send line level, when the internal software control is set to "0", IE, to not cut or boost the signal?

#2. Is the X3Live FX Loop return line level, when the internal software control is set to not cut or boost the signal?

#3. Is the X3Live "live out" 1/4" output line level when the switch is set to line?

#4A. What is the -dB cut to the 1/4" "live outs" in the X3Live when setting the switch to amp instead of line?

#4B. Is it -12dB or a different number? (see #4A)

#5. When setting the X3Live to OUTPUT mode COMBO POWERAMP, how is the level of the "live out" 1/4" outputs affected in dB cut or gain?

You get the picture.. These are the very obvious question posted in BRIGHT RED. Bold type. I have actually seen various versions of these questions asked before, and also not answered.

I don't think Line 6 should mark ANY more questions as answered. How about the person asking the question lets you know if their question is "answered" or not? Way, way, way too many threads get marked answered, which are not. Does someone have a job, where they have a quota to fill, of marking threads answered? Something to show that questions are actually going somewhere?

Because we do really totally appreciate the help! It's just really frustrating to see this guy's questions blown off and seemigly disregarded. Sure, you can't tell him about his external gear, but what about the rest of the questions, which can be answered regardless of external gear? That's what I refer to when I say 'disregared'. Sure - hook up the external gear, and let us know if you have problems, and give specific details. IE, you are experiencing this issue or that issue. But these questions, to me, are straight forward and quite answerable. And the data is not reproduced in company product literature, or in the specs, or the PDF file we can download, etc.

Anyway, I've seen alot of other people have to repost their threads due to this premature "question is answered" issue. Odd,  to say the least. Seems like a weird technicality, that we the askers, and you the answerers are stuck in the middle of.

Oh yeah, and if the answer is "we can't answer that question" because

A.) you have no clue what the answer is


B.) you are not allowed to tell us that information, then just say so.


Re: RE: A "different and cool" 4 cable method.. but I need help
by guix on 2010-09-08 05:27:04.8250


I still feel the question is un-answered atleaqst for the X3 part.

Can you please provide answers on the specs of the X3 effects loop?

Thanks and best regards

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