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Question about using Pod fx to effect other "stuff"
by Tombolino on 2010-09-05 19:08:58.8470

I am experimenting with POD's FX to effect

1. A Microphone hooked up to POD's Mic Input

2. A guitar synth with very limited effects going into PODs Aux In

What are the "purest" settings for both scenarios? I don't want to run either mic or synth through PODs amps. All I want to do is have these be affected by whatever FX I want (which of course I know how to dial in).

So the question is really about what Amp setting to use: No Amp? Pre Amp? Use Compressor?  FX Loop?  Confused....

What works best?



Re: Question about using Pod fx to effect other "stuff"
by silverhead on 2010-09-06 05:11:05.3770

For microphone I would use one of the preamps in the POD - experiment with them. There are several vocal presets in the POD to start with.

For guitar synth I would use no amp and probably no cab, but that may depend on your output routing and device. Since you mention Aux In you have either the X3 Live or Pro - both of which offer  XLR  Direct Outs to mixer/PA or 1/4" Live Outs to guitar amp.

Use of compressor or not depends on the sound you want. Just experiment. Same thing with using the FX Loop - you might try putting your guitar synth in the Loop rather than Aux In. There's no 'right' answer - whatever sounds better to you.

Re: Question about using Pod fx to effect other "stuff"
by Tombolino on 2010-09-08 11:15:42.2880

Thanks. Here is a scenario, Im trying to sort out.

So Im using the BOSS RC 50 Looper + Guitar Synth + PODX3L

Im using the POD to effect the guitar, the synth, the mic, and the drum loops inside the Boss Looper.

The Looper has 4 total outputs, two 1/4 inputs, one 1/8 input and also a Mic Input.

When I play live, I set up 2 to 4 POD settings. One affects the synth, the other guitar, another one for guitar, and the 4th for Mic. Keep in mind I can set up even more on Tone 2.

I would like the drum loops and mic to always be effected the same way the entire song. That in addition to changing POD settings for synth and guitar.

Follow me?

How do I do this?

RE: Question about using Pod fx to effect other "stuff"
by darealagentp on 2010-09-09 16:08:20.3400


Your first question is different than the most recent one in this thread, so I'm not 100% what it is you're trying to find out.

I'll respond to your most recent question:

You could setup Tone 2 to remain constant by "locking it" on the X3 Live. That way, it can be the same effect for your Mic and RC50 signal and then Tone 1 can handle your guitar/guitar synth signal.

Again, this is my best answer (which is more of a guess at this point), because I'm still not sure what you're hoping to achieve. Maybe my response will help clarify your question so we have a better understanding of what you're after.



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