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Spider Jam Express vs Shortboard Pedal
by mrjay3 on 2010-09-06 13:50:28.5740

I've been researching these posts and reading my manuals for an hour and haven't found a specific answer to my question yet.  Sorry if it's been posted but didn't find it.  I've got a Spider Jam and love it.  Now I want to be able to load internal recordings I've made (like backing tracks) by using a footswitch.  The Advanced Guide confirms that Bank Up/Down will load internal recordings with the Shortboard (in Jam Control Mode).  Before I plunk down the extra $100 my question is: Can the Express pedal load internal recordings?  I haven't seen any reference to this and I'm assuming that it won't since it doesn't have the Bank Up/Down switches but I'd like to get a hard confirmation that I didn't miss anything before spending my very precious music "allowance" (lol).  Thanks so much for any replies.  MisterJ

P.S to Line 6 - Would have been great to cover the Express Pedal funtionality in the Advanced Guide like you did for the Shortboard - just a suggetion...

Re: Spider Jam Express vs Shortboard Pedal
by joegillespie on 2010-09-06 14:13:02.4650

I haven't used a Shorboard but I do have a FBV Express pedal. You can't load songs from anywhere with a pedal. You can only change presets or start/stop loops. The rest has to be done from the amp.

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