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Controling Pod Farm2 using FCB1010
by picatainhas on 2010-09-08 16:31:28.7690

Hello all,

it's been almost 3 years since i bought my Toneport UX2 with all packs. In almos 20 years i am still considering it as the best money i've spent in this hobby!

While after UX2 i read some stuff and decided to buy an MIDI Controller to act as a pedalboard, i've decided to buy a Behrignher FCB1010 and upgrade with the UNO eprom to unlock stomppedal mode among other stuff.

The only two problems i had with this setup were:

1. My inability to get a good all round preset (clean, dirty and extreme gain "setups") based on an set of pedals with an amp

2. I wasn't able to change preset on Gearbox using FCB1010 (documented "limitation" for my purposes).

Well it ended with a limited usage of FCB but i could survive.

Even when Pod Farm come out, i was still stucked with Gearbox, but when line6 released Pod Farm2 i decided to give it a try, and i really enjoyed the much more user friendly interface among other things that i only discovered later.

About two weeks a go i decided to se wich were the supported MIDI capabilities and guess what... preset change was one of them (Setlist usage) !!! Bingo!!!!


The MIDI learning feature is also great, however i am having trouble to configure the expression pedals (volume and wha control).

I want a very basic configuration, for the people who knows FCB1010 interface:

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A). Pedal 6 to 10 would be (ON/Off beahivour): STomp; Mods; Delays; Reverbs, Wha

I am able to make this works, however it always point to a specific pedal model (i am using midi learn feature, no special MIDI command set on the FCB), the one that i am using when i configure it using MIDI Learn.

How could i enable/disable the effect that is by default in the "preset" i am in? For example, if the preset uses classic distrotion it would enable it, but if it uses a screamer he would have the same behaviour. Is this possible?

B) Expression Pedal 1: Volume (always on)

C) Expression Pedal 2: Wha (depending on pedal 10 being off or not)

I wasn't able to put make this working, even if the wah is enabled i move the pedal and nothing happens.

D) Pedal 1 to 5: changing Set

This one here is working perfectly!!!!

Is there any one that could provide me some tips regarding this? Anyone have a working sysex that could share with me?

Thanks in advance


Re: Controling Pod Farm2 using FCB1010
by picatainhas on 2010-09-09 19:12:40.3750

Is this setup so weird?!?!? No one have any tipis/clues regarding my issues?!?!?

RE: Controling Pod Farm2 using FCB1010
by Line6Hugo on 2010-09-14 09:57:00.1310


A) After changing an effect in the signal chain, you will need to reprogram the MIDI controller with MIDI learn to control that new pedal.

C) I'm not sure why the Wah position parameter is not responding. Make sure your FCB1010 is sending a MIDI CC message from that expression pedal just like the other one. Use the MIDI Learn feature to reprogram the Wah Position with the expression pedal.



Re: Controling Pod Farm2 using FCB1010
by allsic on 2011-04-03 20:35:49.6580

hello...i have both the pod studio ux2 and the fcb1010 but have no idea about how to make them work together... can you guide me on the process? I also have the uno EMU midi tab 1x1 i beleive that one is needed to connect the fcb1010 to the computer right?

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