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wireless loses signal (X2 XDR95)
by ameristos on 2010-09-13 13:47:18.3580


i've owned an X2 XDR95 (for guitar) since march 2009. the unit was purchased brand new from musician's friend and has been nothing but unreliable. at times there is nothing i can do to get it to recognize the signal. i've bought a new cable, i've reset the unit, and even tried the other, less powerful mode. nothing...

i found it works (sometimes) outdoors for a festival show, but when indoors, i have nothing but problems and it NEVER grabs the signal.

i know the unit is no longer made and was curious if i could do an upgrade or something to the relay G90. my unit should still be covered by the 24 month warranty. i need the rack unit and the G90 with its metal casing seems to be more solid and reliable than the XDR95.

i never use my XDR95 with confidence. i always have a wire laying on the amp just in case. this disappoints me for the money i paid. i usually only have it on for soundcheck so i can go out and hear my sound. then, when it's time to play live, i have to turn it off since i can't trust it.

any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

thank you.

Re: wireless loses signal (X2 XDR95)
by dboomer on 2010-09-13 13:49:27.3260

Where (country) are you using it?

Re: wireless loses signal (X2 XDR95)
by ameristos on 2010-09-13 13:53:09.0210

purchased and using it in U.S.A.

Re: wireless loses signal (X2 XDR95)
by dboomer on 2010-09-13 17:23:47.6000

Are you running in XDR or XDS mode?  Are any other XDR units operating on stage at the same time?  Does your band run wireless DMX in the 900 band?

or you can call our service department and we can test it.  818.575.3600

Re: wireless loses signal (X2 XDR95)
by ameristos on 2010-09-13 21:00:03.1810

the light is green (it's in XDR mode). upon losing signal, i would have to switch it to red (XDS mode and it would sound horrible and was unusable) and turn it on and off a bunch of times before it would recognize a signal, if at all sometimes.

i only use the XDR mode.

only once there were two shure wireless handheld mics, but i'm not sure of their band. other than that, i'm the only one wireless.

the problem isn't always with my band. i play musical theater as well and have had the same loss of signal or near impossible to get a signal which ends up going back to a cable because i can't risk it.

could it be due to an abundance of cell phones? that's what i thought was happening which was why i mentioned the problem when playing inside. sound check and preshow it works, then if i turn it off (to save battery) once the audience is in/seated and i turn it back on, i get no signal. and, if i can get it working, there is no turning it off or changing the battery because it will lose signal again.

Re: wireless loses signal (X2 XDR95)
by dboomer on 2010-09-13 22:08:27.6430

Ahh ... I'll bet that's the problem.  Re-set the mode to XDR on both the transmitter and the receiver.  Then power down the receiver and then unplug it from the wall.  That will set the mode.  Sounds like it is jumping around on you.

Other wireless mics and cell phones will not interfere with your radio transmission.  Cell phones (especially TDMA models like AT&T) can get into your instrument cable if you have it in your pocket while playing your guitar ... but they don't bother the radio.  Just like they get into your computer speakers, but that doesn't sound like your problem.

Re: wireless loses signal (X2 XDR95)
by ameristos on 2010-09-14 11:53:02.6040

i don't understand what you mean when you say, "i'll bet that's the problem." it has only been put in XDS mode once and that was after losing signal for days. i didn't even know i could change modes until it stopped working and i read through the manual and was trying to problem solve it myself one night at home. after trying it in XDS mode, it sounded horrible, and i reset it to XDR and it's been there since (while losing signal and being unreliable).

my question is, why would it be jumping around on me? isn't that not supposed to happen.

Re: wireless loses signal (X2 XDR95)
by dboomer on 2010-09-14 15:59:24.2640

XDR and XDS mode are not compatible.  Both transmitter and receiver must one or the other.  When you switch modes in the receiver it does not write the change into the memory unless you use the power switch to turn off.  If the receiver becomes unplugged it will not write the change.  So even though you think you have made the change it will not come back in the right mode when you power on.  This may explain why it seems to work fine sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.  Other than that the service department will need to take a look.  It's too hard to guess over the internet but we'll be happy to check it out for you.

XDS mode does not have the extended frequency response that XDR mode has ... so yes the sound is different.

Re: wireless loses signal (X2 XDR95)
by ameristos on 2010-09-14 17:03:13.0660

ok. that makes a little more sense. i think we're getting somewhere now... one last question before i contact the service department. do i have to and if so, is there a way to reset the transmitter or does that just piggyback the receiver?

Re: wireless loses signal (X2 XDR95)
by dboomer on 2010-09-15 21:15:53.3730

No .. the transmitter can be set to either mode as well.  If both don't match you will have problems.

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