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Variax Bass firmware update/restore...
by jbonish on 2010-09-15 08:23:28.3220

I have a variax 600 guitar and POD XTLive. I have proper digital cable connections to upgrade and update both the POD XTLive and the Variax through my laptop and have done so successfully.

I recently acquired a variax Bass. Can I upgrade the firmware on the Variax Bass through the POD XTLive also or does it have to be through a Bass POD XTLive?

Re: Variax Bass firmware update/restore...
by silverhead on 2010-09-15 09:09:00.4540

I don't have either XT Live or Variax Bass, but I do have the X3L and Variax 300 so I think I understand the technology sufficiently. As I understand it, all you need is for Line 6 Monkey to recognize the Variax Bass, and that should just be a function of the XT Live simply passing through the information over its VDI interface - which it is designed to do. As long as the XT Live VDI can provide power to the Variax Bass, and pass along its identification info to Monkey - both of which I think it should be able to do - you should be OK.

I'd say just give it a try.

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