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Live Lite 7
by kizzaazz on 2010-09-16 10:58:30.4400


I have POD farm, Live Lite 7 and Ableton Reason Adapted. I'm wondering about 2 things:

1. Is it possible to buy drumtracks that are whole songs or sections of songs (slow, fast, jazzy, bluesy etc)? Instead of just 4 second midi files that I put together into one song

2. I really like the tones I've created on POD farm. Is it possible to transfer these settings on to some sort of pedal board so that I can use them live as well?

Thank you very much for your time


RE: Live Lite 7
by darealagentp on 2010-09-16 13:35:05.6600


1. I'm not personally familiar with all the optional add-ons that Ableton has to offer with their Live software program. You should definitely check out their website for the details on what else is available for use with their software:

2. The POD Farm tones are basically files that only work within the software program that runs on your host PC or Mac computer. You have access to them whenever your POD Studio USB device is connected to the computer and have POD Farm software open.

Our POD devices (PODxt, POD X3) allow users to process their guitar signal through the onboard DSP for live situations. These devices are capable of operation by themselves, unlike your POD Studio UX2 which always requires a connection to your computer, since it's a USB interface device.

PODxt and X3 devices allow for transferring of .l6t tone files from a computer into the POD via the free GearBox 3.72 tone editing application.



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