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pedal won't register full value after calibraition/reset
by KAL82TTT on 2010-09-17 14:04:53.7860

I've got a Bass Pod xt live. Here is the problem. Even after updating it, calibrating it multiple times, and small animal sacrifices to the effects pedal gods, I can not get the expression/wah to register full value. It is stuck from 0% to a max of 33% sometimes 35% before it clicks the button underneath. I can not get it to go from 0% to 100%. Has anyone else encountered this problem? The Line 6 rep today concluded it may be a hardware problem. Before I go opening my wallet to a service center, I figured I'd ask you fine folks!

Also. I have had this set before. (the 0-100 thing) then one night the volume pedal quit all together. It would not function. I recalibrated, turned it on and off without recalibrating. Nada. Frustrated, I unplugged it for the night. At the end of practice, I plugged it back in for sheets and giggles and it was fine. All would be well except between being frustrated and giving up, I did a factory reset that didn't fix the volume pedal thing either and lost the effects I tweaked. This problem hasn't happened since but the 0%-!00% thing I need to figure out. The wah does virtually nothing and I'm sure the mod or delay tweak settings must be all kinds of crazy fun!




Re: pedal won't register full value after calibraition/reset
by KAL82TTT on 2010-09-22 16:17:23.3260

So, after a quick repost on another forum, I got the cajones to open it up and have a look since both a Line 6 phone-guy and a "forumite" suggeted that the problem is probably mechanical and not a software or firmware problem. There is an advisory on the pedal. Something to the effect of "risk of electrical shock! chassis should only be opened by a qualified repair technician".....So...I qualified myself!!! Here's what I found. The "mechanical" aspect of what makes the expression work is actually pretty high tech. There is a flat metal piece that is connected to the foot-pedal that moves over a tiny optical sensor. After some fiddling, moving it closer and further away from the sensor, and another recalibration, PROBLEM SOLVED!

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