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Variax/Pod XT live freezing & intermittantly dropping out
by sandaniam on 2010-09-20 16:22:55.5830


I'm using my Variax 600 with the Pod XT Live and recently the pod is freezing, can't change banks etc as well as the sound from the variax has started dropping out and coming back on. I'm patched in with the cat5 cable so I can change variax settings with the different pod banks. Any ideas?


Re: Variax/Pod XT live freezing & intermittantly dropping out
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-09-21 00:09:06.8080


Could be a number of things causing this.

Your XT Live Power Supply might be on the way out make sure it is the right one - i.e. 9v AC at 2000mA as it also has to provide power for the Variax.  The XT Live might benefit from a factory reset after you have saved all your presets to computer.  The VIDI cable and/or socket on the guitar might be playing up - check the socket on the guitar as the pins which make the RJ-45 connection do become flattened over time and this causes connection problems.  The guitar may be experiencing other issues with the selector switches that could be causing intermittent problems and lock-ups with the XT Live.

Remember these things are computers in the guise of everyday objects (stomp pedals and guitars).  Power fluctuations just as with a computer can give rise to all kinds of odd behaviour.  Maybe you have some kind of pwer conditioner available which would ensure that the XT Live gets a smooth input of power without possible dips and spikes caused by the fridge motor kicking in in the kitchen or beer pump at a live venue.

Intermittent issues are always the hardest to diagnose.  If you can, you need to try and get a reproducable situation where doing A + B + C produces problem X and with an intermittent problem that can be a nightmare.


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