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Amp Model bypass ... volume of my guitar seems too low?
by mcanfield on 2010-09-21 10:03:00.7210

I recently purchased the JM4 and was pretty excited about using it as a looper and as a rhythm machine of sorts to practice with.  I am running my effects into it, so I have no need for the various amp models and effect built into the JM4.  However, it seems that when I bypass the amp modelling, the volume level of my guitar is WAY too low.  When I bypass the JM4 altogether (just go guitar>effects>amp) and get the volume level the way i want, then i re-introduce the JM4 into the chain, the volume drops way down for me.  I can try to offset this by adjusting the master volume on the back of the JM4, but it seems I have to turn it all the way up just to get a reasonable volume.

Then, when I try to play a drum/song track, the volume of that track is LOUD ... way louder than my guitar tone.  I can offset this somewhat by adjusting the drum/song level down, but I literally have to take it down to 10% before it approaches the guitar volume.  What gives?  I really do not want to have to use the amp models, even on Clean.

All I want to do is run my guitar signal thru my effects and into the JM4 to use as a looper and still get my true guitar rig's tone.  And be able to play with rhythm tracks if I choose to, and have the volume of those tracks be near my guitar voume.

What am I missing?  Would it help to run the rhythm tracks thru the stereo outputs into a home stereo and adjust the volume there?  Why do I have to do this if so?



RE: Amp Model bypass ... volume of my guitar seems too low?
by darealagentp on 2010-09-23 15:38:31.4680


I answered this on another thread you posted here:



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