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Patch Conversion AX2 preset Edgey Echoes [30D] delay settings to Gearbox Gold
by buckeye48 on 2010-09-23 12:41:03.2600


I have a AX2 and desire to copy the delay settings of the factory preset 'Edgey Echo's' [#30D] delay settings.

The AX preset for delay:


Type   Main   Delay   Delay           Dynamic  Delay

           Delay   Time    Time            Delay       Level

           Time    Offset   Feedback

4.4       4.7      43        47                 47           52



?: 4 taps

According to the manual p.6.15 a mono delay time of 4.7 would be 0507.0

According to the manual p.6.16 a stereo delay time of 4.7 would be 0253.5

The delay type is 4.7 and is according to the front panel it is a multitap delay.

The question is I have the Gearbox Gold bundle but I don't think it has a multitap delay.  If it does have a multitap could somebody help me locate the name of the delay & help convert the values above to Gearbox?  The other value I think I can figure out it is an Edge preset so the AC30 top boost would be the amp used.

The reverb is as follows:

Reverb Type     Predelay  Reverb   Reverb              Reverb                  Reverb

Type                                  Decay     Tone                 Diffusion                Level

3                       45             45            50                     36                          52



The manual does not have a chart for reverb settings. So i'd figure I would find a 'Bright' reverb in the Gold bundle.  Any suggestions.  Also would I for the reverb just try the half/50 settings and adjust to get near the reverb?

The delay is the most important and I would love to get some guidance.  Is Andy Z still around???


RE: Patch Conversion AX2 preset Edgey Echoes [30D] delay settings to Gearbox Gold
by Line6Hugo on 2010-09-27 11:40:33.2770

Unfortunately, there is no Multi-tap delay that has the same effect parameters as those that you provided from the AX2, so you will need to select another effect from the available delays and tweak by ear to get close.

Also, there is a Brite Room Reverb with all of the same parameters except diffusion and there is a Mix parameters.

In these cases, you will need to tweak these settings by ear to get the sound you want.



Re: Patch Conversion AX2 preset Edgey Echoes [30D] delay settings to Gearbox Gold
by buckeye48 on 2010-10-08 08:27:58.5050


Thanks for your reply I really appreciate it.  I have a few follow up questions:

Is the tap delay 4 taps with info I gave you from below?

Does PodFarm 2.0 have a multitap delay that would match the Edgey Echoes preset?

Within GearBox which chorus emulates the Electro Harmonix Clone Theory pedal?



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