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I need help with my Echo Park.
by mattwooll on 2010-09-28 18:01:42.1370

Hello, I was wondering if all tonecore pedals come originally with the "two in one" function , (where there's an on and off button and tap tempo at the same time.) I'm asking this because recently, my echo park's tap tempo started to not work, and then the whole on and off button just broke. (It got jammed) So I was wondering if I can get a used tonecore pedal from a local guitar shop to see so that I can just switch out the modules. And if I can't, then when purchasing the docks online, I was wondering if both mono and stereo docks have the tap tempo function. Or does the stereo only have tap tempo function? Because if the tap tempo function is on the mono docks, then well as might buy the mono docks for cheaper. (I won't be running my delay stereo) Help would be greatly appericatted. Thank you.

RE: I need help with my Echo Park.
by darealagentp on 2010-09-29 15:46:23.3540


All of the ToneCore docks have the "bi-level" tap/bypass switching mechanism. By this I mean the 2 physical levels of tap switch control: the 1st position being the "soft" TAP control and then the 2nd position where you step harder past that until the "click" occurs for the bypass function.

Both mono and stereo docks should have this feature, so feel free to shop for the best replacement dock deal...



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