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Toneport UX1, poor driver and buffer changes do NOTHING!
by KimtheButcher on 2010-09-29 16:24:13.9610

Guys at Line6,

I have been having issues with the poor drivers/firmware corresponding with my Toneport UX1.

The issue is this:

Using the device in Cubase 5, very distinct pops, distortion, crackles, and just a FIZZ type signal, for around 5 seconds - this happens every 15-20 seconds during playback, both in DAW and natively in OS (for example playing mp3's also through Winamp).

My issue is that changing the buffer settings, both WITHIN MY DAW AND IN THE LINE 6 CONTROL PANEL SETTINGS, does nothing to recify this.

i have uninstalled, reinstalled, etc too many times to mention, and frankly, i am over the issues that come with this device. What is the point of having this as a recording device IF IT DOES NOT WORK?

Now, I would like to know why the change in buffer settings in my case does nothing to alleviate this. i have narrowed it down to the UX1 as my Delta 44, and AC-97 on board card work FLAWLESSLY.

Also, i installed GearBox recently and this issue has worsened severely since then.

My system has nothing to do with this issue, as i have contained the problem to the toneport alone.

I note this has been an issue for a number of years now with AMD users also. Not on.

So - when are we to receive working drivers that fix these issues for people? When are we as customers to receive application AND SUPPORT that works?

Looking forward to any assistance at all, and to having a device i can actually use to record as opposed to using it as something i sit my empty coffee cup and bong on.


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