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Flash Upgrade Complete????
by dec33162 on 2010-10-02 13:02:11.3920

After successfully completing the flash upgrade (at least according to the onscreen message), Upgrade Complete.JPG

on a Bass POD XT Live, there was a final step that said to rotate the pedal from heel-to-toe until the WAH light illuminated after the click. This happened. It then said to rotate the unit back from toe-to-heel to switch back to volume.


I performed this step, but the WAH LED is still illuminated. No sound/click is/was heard to indicate the unit reverted back to the VOLUME setting. The AMP and Bank B LEDs were illumiated and the TAP Hold/Tuner LED is flashing. The Channel Memory Window initially showed 13.6 with the *VAR/MANTA Amp 23: California, Comp Amp and Date buttons selected. The Bass is currently not plugged in and other than the USB connection to the laptop, the only other connection to the Bass POD XT Live is power.

Upon reaching this step of writing, the Bank B LED is now "flashing" and the Channel Memory Window now shows 12.b Dub King Amp 23: California with Comp AMP and Date selected.

Unit will be left on for feedback before taking any further steps to ensure I don't corrupt anything. But please advise:

1. If something is wrong with the pedal that it didn't click and revert back to the VOLUM LED

2. Should I power down and reflash - (or can I since it has the latest version)?

3. Is the unit updating itself still, considering that teh Bank B LED is now flashing and my channel memory window data has changed without me doing anything?

4. What do I need to do from here?

Re: Flash Upgrade Complete????
by Mr_Arkadin on 2010-10-02 13:14:41.3280

I would immediately try a re-flash. If you can't get it to re-flash try in 'Safe Mode' as described in this document:

Re: Flash Upgrade Complete????
by dec33162 on 2010-10-02 14:05:30.1430

Thanks Mr_Arkadin,

I will attempt a reflash. After reading a few other articles, along with yours, I did attempt to rock the pedal back once again, and again got nothing. Next, I rocked it forward once more until I made it click. At that point, the WAH-VOLUME LED went to VOLUME (Green) and I backed it all the way to the heel. I rocked it forward once again until the switch engaged and it went back to WAH. I repeated this process a couple of times successfully, so "I guess" the pedal is working fine. The problem it appears was mine, not understanding the switch only engaged upon rocking it forward (heel-to-toe). I'll have to review the message that popped up to see if it clearly told me that. If not, that's a place for improvement in the feedback messages the user receives while working with Monkey.

My only issue now (I assume) is the blinking LEDs on the Bank B and Tap (Hold/Tune) buttons and the fact that Dub King in now "Flashing" in the display. I'll currently chalk this up to lack of knowledge/understanding of the unit. I'll do a little more research, but welcome any input.

Appreciate you taking the time to respond. I do now have the manual and see the WEALTH of information out here. I'll try to be a little more patient before posting next time. But I thought I might have corrupted something and "didn't have the patience" to search when I knew folks like you were ready and willing to assist. Thanks again!


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