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Problem with Vetta 2 HD "right" output
by rifftrader on 2010-10-04 06:47:17.2830

Hi there,

I have my Vetta 2 HD connected up in stereo with a Line 6 2x12, but only have the left output appears to be working. I'm reasonably certain that it isn't a fault with the speaker cab itself, and that the problem is that there is no right output from the head at all. I've referred to the user manual, but to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Re: Problem with Vetta 2 HD "right" output
by rifftrader on 2010-10-05 08:03:25.0570


Re: Problem with Vetta 2 HD "right" output
by rifftrader on 2010-10-05 08:20:15.2220

Here's another question: is there any way that I can get in direct contact with Line 6 technical support via email, rather than posting something in a forum like this and hoping that it gets answered? I seem to find myself navigating back into the forums everytime I click on something support related, and it's a little frustrating.

I would just like to offer a bit more clarification to the original question that I posted: my stereo amplifier appears to have converted itself into a mono amplifier. Whether this has been brought on by user error or a breakdown in the product's components is not that important: I would like to sort this issue out, and I just want to make sure that I haven't overlooked something obvious (such as, for example, something in the system setup) before I shell out for shipping and repair costs.

Any help would be much appreciated... thanks in advance!

RE: Problem with Vetta 2 HD "right" output
by ricksox on 2010-10-06 15:05:18.3340


This sounds like a hardware issue. There isn't anything in the Vetta setup menu options that would turn off one of your 1/4" outputs like that.

I think you should contact your local service center to arrange a repair as it sounds like you have a bad output jack on the Vetta.


Re: RE: Problem with Vetta 2 HD "right" output
by rifftrader on 2010-10-15 03:31:55.9620

Roger that, and will do. Thanks for the advice!

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