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How to connect spider IV amp to pod studio UX2 ?
by the81ghost on 2010-10-04 18:05:21.9140

Re: How to connect spider IV amp to pod studio UX1 ?

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reply but I'm a real newbie to this audio electronics world

therefore I'm having difficulty in understanding you. Also I went today to replace the UX1 with UX2.


And the staff member there told me it's ok to connect the Spider IV 75 amp to the UX2 box

with an instrument cable via Phones out on the UX2 box to the Guitar out on the Amp.

I'm thankful that I read your message before doing this type of connection.

If I did the above connection would that work or would I see black smoke coming out from my stuff?

You are saying that I should use a cable with Stereo 1/4'' Jack Plug wired to 2 seperate Mono Plugs and

connect the Stereo Jack Plug to the Phones/Direct Out on the Spider IV Amp. Is that right uptil now?

And where am I going to connect those mono plugs on the UX2 box?

My question was I want to use the POD Farm 2 on the computer and get the sound of my guitar from the amp.

I thought the Phones Out on the amp is for your headphones. So how's that Phones out on the amp is going to take

the sound from the UX2 box and deliver the sound? If the amp is not going to deliver any sound with that connection

that's not what I want.

Other thing can I connect my desktop speakers at the same time with my amp to the UX2 box?

I mean can I get sound from my desktop speakers and from my Amp at the same time via UX2 box?

By the way I want to connect my desktop speakers to the UX2 box via this cable: Stereo Interconnect Dual 1/4 TS to Dual RCA

And I want to connect those 1/4 jack plugs on that cable to the R&L Analog Outs on the UX2 box. Is that gonna work? That cable I wanna use says Stereo on it but 1/4 Jack Plugs look like mono to me. Would that burn the UX2 box?

Thanks very much for everything!

RE: How to connect spider IV amp to pod studio UX2 ?
by Line6Hugo on 2010-10-08 08:30:14.9480


It sounds like you want to use your Spider IV amp as a monitor to listen to the audio from POD Farm. This is not the ideal way to monitor audio because your are sending modeling signal into another modeling preamp and will affect the sound from POD Farm. I will provide connection information anyhow.

I'm not too clear on what you are trying to achieve, but if you want to get the audio from POD Farm to monitor out of your Spider IV amp, you will need to connect the Left 1/4" audio output 1 to your Spider IV guitar input and make sure to set the amp to a clean signal.

This connection will send POD Farm audio into the amp for playback. You can also connect your computer speakers to the Phones output of the UX2 at the same time. You should get another adapter for your speakers to accommodate this.



Re: RE: How to connect spider IV amp to pod studio UX2 ?
by the81ghost on 2010-10-08 23:05:40.6370

I connected the ux2 box to the amp with a stereo line in cable via phones out from UX2 to CD/Mp3 out on amp. I'm using a 1/4 stereo converter jack on ux2 phones out.

But the sound is not perfect. I didn't try your way but I know it works too from what others told me.

I'm also getting sound from desktop 5.1 speaker system.

What is the best way to monitor sound while playing in real time or recording?


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