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Dry Signal Recording Question
by ethyl80 on 2010-10-06 17:31:39.2710

Perhaps you Betas can verify my assumption:

If I set-up the FX Loop to send at the very start of the chain, sending the dry signal out at 100%, set the mix to 0%, then I can plug into my UX2's regular guitar input and be able to record a "dry" signal and still be able to hear the processed guitar signal, correct?

Re: Dry Signal Recording Question
by silverhead on 2010-10-06 17:54:44.9300

Interesting idea, and it should work, I think, with a restriction on the HD400. You don't mention which POD HD you're talking about, but it's either the HD400 or 500 since the 300 has no FX Loop.

I'm not at my HD400 right now (and I don't have a UX2 to test with)  but I have access to the POD HD manuals. Note the following descriptions in the POD HD400 manual:

FX Loop: Pre - Positions the FX Loop before the Amp model (and between FX1 and FX2, if these FX are also set “Pre”).

VOL: Pre - Positions the Volume effect before the Amp model (and before all other “Pre” designated FX) within the signal flow.

So in this case you would not be able to use FX1 in Pre-position, else your signal is no longer dry. And it seems the VOL is positioned before the loop as well - I'm not sure what that might mean.

The POD HD500 has full flexibility with the positioning of the FX Loop (as one of the eight FX blocks) so that should work fine.

I presume you're taking the lead from the FX Send to the UX2 input? I'm not sure whether or not you will have to plug a dummy lead into the FX Return jack to complete the 'circuit'; otherwise the POD HD might ignore the Send since there's no Return.

(Of course, even if this works well enough on the HD500 it's still consuming an FX block and requiring an external audio/DAW interface. I would much prefer the dry record send over usb/ASIO)

EDIT:  Just had an need to be monitoring the wet signal using the POD HD, but the UX2 is your DAW's audio device while recording the dry signal. Presuming you will also want to monitor backing tracks, you might need to figure out how you will do this. DAWs and audio devices generally have restrictions about multiple connections and routing signals.

Re: Dry Signal Recording Question
by ethyl80 on 2010-10-06 21:18:15.3440

I will be using an HD 500. Just trying to do all my homework in advance so when it gets to my door I can get right to playing and not studying

In garageband (on a mac) i should be able to set the UX2 as the input with the POD HD as the output. Of course, this is a theory so far. If not, I can use the stereo out from the computer into the Pod HD for backing tracks.

I'm trying to avoid the need for an ABY switch until direct dry signal is allowed over usb (fingers crossed this is coming eventually).

Re: Dry Signal Recording Question
by ethyl80 on 2010-10-06 21:19:13.9940

I'm also curious is Line 6 drivers will allow me to create an aggregate device on my mac, whether supported by line6 or now.

Re: Dry Signal Recording Question
by spaceatl on 2010-10-07 05:17:14.8120

I like your idea of grabbing a dry off the loop...nice workaround bro...In terms of one device for input and the other for output, I am certain that would not work on my Windows XP Pro based DAW (EMU) as I can only have one ASIO device at a time...But Macs are generally a bit different...maybe I guess...

SPDIF can send "Dry" signal
by Brion_Kean on 2010-10-07 07:22:01.2450

according to the PODHD500 manual:

S/PDIF Output (Knob 1): Selects the type of output mode signal fed to the S/PDIF OUT:

- Match Outputs (uses the same output setting as configured on the Page 4 Setup:Outputs screen - see page 2•7)

- or Dry Input (your Source Input signal with no Amp, Cab, Mic, “E.R.” or FX processing applied)."

Re: SPDIF can send "Dry" signal
by Brion_Kean on 2010-10-07 07:23:51.9030

I don't know if this goes for the HD series or not, but I am able to use the SPDIF out from my X3L into the soundcards SPDIF input, while also bringing the analog in from the POD to my soundcard.. Not ideal, in terms of using the USB and SPDIF at the same time.. But, a way to get digital dry.

Re: SPDIF can send "Dry" signal
by guitars69 on 2010-10-07 09:33:01.2470

Using the fx loop, SPDIF, or even a DI box will require that you can also record your effected track through the same device.

In other words, if you want to record dry and effected tracks simultaneously, you won't be able to use the USB output unless you can use ASIO4ALL or something that can combine audio drivers.

I hope they add it to USB.  Otherwise, my UX8 will do well for me and if you have at least 2 inputs on your sound card or an additional SPDIF you should be able to accomplish this still.

Re: SPDIF can send "Dry" signal
by ethyl80 on 2010-10-07 10:05:55.7120

the bummer is that i don't have any SPIDF ins, only outs with the UX2.

Re: SPDIF can send "Dry" signal
by guitars69 on 2010-10-07 10:49:09.9640

For $30 you can pick up a DI box that will let you split the signal before the pod and output an XLR to the UX2.  Otherwise, I would set up a dual tone patch with 1 amp off or use the fx loop.

Re: Dry Signal Recording Question
by ethyl80 on 2010-10-11 09:50:49.4450

so i spent too much time learning the power of the HD500 this weekend and never got around to trying my own idea.

anyone else try it out yet?

RE: Dry Signal Recording Question
by Line6Hugo on 2010-10-11 15:04:40.2740

All of the suggestions above are great and should work for you.

You CAN record a mono Processed signal and a mono DRY signal via USB with the POD HD500 using record sends 1/2.

you will need to setup a dual amp preset with the first signal chain having all effects and amp model and the second chain with no effects and amp model disabled. Make sure to pan the processed signal chain hard left and the second signal chain hard right.

In this configuration, when using the POD HD500 as your recording interface, Record send 1 is a processed mono signal, and Record send 2 is a dry signal. Just create a mono track for each, and you sould be able to monitor the processed signal while recording the dry signal.



Re: RE: Dry Signal Recording Question
by silverhead on 2010-10-11 17:51:14.7790

Thanks, Hugo. That's great information. From the HD500 manual I had thought the Record Send over USB was strictly the stereo signal; I wasn't aware that you could select the two stereo sides seperately on different tracks.

Now I'm even more anxious to see POD Farm HD!!    Please??    (Yes - I've made my feature request.)

Re: Dry Signal Recording Question
by ethyl80 on 2010-10-11 20:45:53.0890

can't believe I was thinking I was going to have to send the "dry" signal out after passing through a digital interface to an analog source, back to an digital signal. so much better to be able to record a dry signal and then re-tweak in Pod Farm.

I too hope that Pod Farm HD comes soon and will be compatible with the UX2. I don't want to buy another interface so soon

Re: SPDIF can send "Dry" signal
by bernu on 2010-10-12 13:35:13.4070

I can't get a dry out put from the spdif. I only get the processed sound... Is this a bug or have they just forgot to remove the option in the menus?


Re: RE: Dry Signal Recording Question
by magpie on 2010-10-12 13:59:33.7090

Hugo, please let us know if sending dry tracks and bypassing cab/mic will be brought back to the HD 300-400 models.

These are must have standard features for many studio and live users.

Why removing them? Not a single user asked for that removal, and this was available in the old Xt and X3.

Will these removed features be available in a future firmware update?

Re: RE: Dry Signal Recording Question
by modernartistry on 2010-10-13 07:15:25.3300

Creating a second chain with no FX works fine for a dry DI signal. Path A is modeled and Path B is dry with panning hard left and right. I record via S/PDIF these two signals and can monitor the sound with a separate mixer from the XLR or 1/4" outputs. Really cool. No need for a DI Box and a bunch of cables anymore.

Re: RE: Dry Signal Recording Question
by stowmd on 2012-02-01 12:54:22.4050

Can someone post a Customtone patch to show me how to do this as I really wanna record wet and dry over the USB

thanks, easier to see & visualize with a patch is all, still getting used to all the tweaking to use this HD500!

Re: RE: Dry Signal Recording Question
by silverhead on 2012-02-01 13:10:36.5310

I have just posted a sample patch - it's called Wet&Dry

Re: RE: Dry Signal Recording Question
by stowmd on 2012-02-01 13:14:00.7170

Thank you so very much. I am involved on a project where I need a dry signal from my Pod HD500 as well as wet so this will help me see work flow.

thank you sir!

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