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DL4 buzz on loop sampler setting
by Terk on 2010-10-08 14:25:20.9100

Lately on my DL4 (which I absolutely love by the way), if I'm on the loop sampler setting with no loops playing, theoretically the true bypass should be in effect, causing no extra noise to come through in the signal path.  However, I've noticed that there is a buzz-hum sound that will slowly emerge through the amp.  I can't pinpoint what triggers it to buzz because it starts soft and slowly gets louder.  It doesn't overpower the instrument sound, but it is definitely noticeable and rather annoying.

Does anybody else have this problem or does anybody have any solutions to the issue?

- Sam

RE: DL4 buzz on loop sampler setting
by darealagentp on 2010-10-08 15:00:41.0010


Are you running the DL4 correctly in front of the amp? Or are you trying to place it within an amp's Effect Loop path?

The input of the DL4 is designed to really handle instrument-level signals. Line level signals and extended exposure to higher audio signals in general can eventually damage the input's operator amp.

Just checking with you first on the details of your setup. Let us know.



Re: RE: DL4 buzz on loop sampler setting
by Terk on 2010-10-08 15:07:00.1050

Thanks for responding so promptly,

but oh yeah, sorry, I should have included the signal path

its not in an effects loop

its guitar > digitech whammy > boss bd-2 > budda budwah > Line 6 DL4 > amp

also, if its buzzing on the loop sampler setting, when I turn the dial to go to the other delay settings/to access my presets, the buzz goes right away



RE: DL4 buzz on loop sampler setting
by darealagentp on 2010-10-11 14:56:39.0610


Try doing a system reset on the DL4. It will wipe the settings for A, B & C that you might have currently saved, unfortunately.

Unplug your 1/4" instrument cable. Press and continue to hold down the A + Tap switches while re-connecting the 1/4" input cable. You should see the LED's on the 4 switches cycle from left-to-right-back to-left.

After this, let go of the switches. Turn the model select knob to the Loop Sampler. Does that noise still occur or did it go away?

If it's still present, you'll need to have a repair tech open up the DL4 to analyze the root cause of this issue:



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