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Infusion 2.0 update failure
by JayScott on 2010-10-10 09:09:02.6620

I have a registered Spider IV 75 and a registered Shortboard Mk II. The Shortboard updated fully with no problems, but the Infusion 2.0 update for the Spider has failed six times. It fails during the writing phase, and I see a window referring to "unknown midi error 80009000". All other updates for the amp have worked perfectly. I am using OSX 10.6.4. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Re: Infusion 2.0 update failure
by JayScott on 2010-10-10 09:49:54.4140

Ongoing...I launched FBV control and went through the switches, which read out in the window as they should, so MIDI seemed to be functioning properly. Closed that and re-launched the Monkey. This time the infusion update worked perfectly. No idea why. Moral: when at first you don't succeed, keep messin' with it...

Re: Infusion 2.0 update failure
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-10-11 06:02:04.4050

Well done for working it out

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