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Variax 500 corrupted?
by judynsteve on 2010-10-16 08:15:30.0970

HELP!  My beloved 500's software or something was corrupted during a workbench update and now I only get on unidentified guitar sound (I think its an LP version).  Is there any way to restore the guitar to working order?  All attempts to correct the situation result in an error message stating I need an old version of runtime - which of course has been updated a few times along with the rest of my software.  I know Line 6 has moved beyond the 500 but in my opinion this particular guitar was special among the breed.  In all families, communities, teams, brands, etc there always seems to be one that stands out.  Almost like it was blessed with a little extra.  That's this guitar.  It just "feels" good and used to respond better than my other big name guitars.  Kind of my go-to ax when I needed it.  I hope someone has a solution other than give it to Applebees or Chili's to hang on their wall.

I appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Jon S.

Re: Variax 500 corrupted?
by johnpicton on 2010-10-16 09:41:10.8800

If you are getting a runtime error when trying to use workbench it could be that you have upgraded your copy of JAVA. Workbench need version 1.5 (also - confusingly! - known as V5) which you can download from here

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