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Angus tone
by markandrew68 on 2009-04-10 06:15:39.8620

Looking to get an Angus Young tone out of the spider valve, now I know theres alot of AC/DC fans out there. Someone must have an idea

how to get "that sound". I have the guitar now I need the tone without spending thousands on a Marshall and cranking it to 10. Any ideas??

Re: Angus tone
by supertacks on 2009-04-10 07:55:14.0990

The Back in Black and Highway to Hell presets are a good place to start, not perfect but a place to start tweaking.  A lot of the AC/DC sound is a tube amp cranked to 10.  I think either of the crunch models sound pretty decent when playing big open chords.

Re: Angus tone
by slash102 on 2009-04-10 13:44:29.2820

+1 to supertracks, and i get a perfect angus tone from crunch blue, drive at about 2:30, bass just before half, treble and mid around 1 and your there! i have the svpre and when set on yellow or orange it fattens up the tone even more

Re: Angus tone
by bigfish86 on 2009-05-08 20:25:44.1280

Angus Young's tone actually changed over the history of the band.  Early on he used a JTM-45 but as the band progressed he moved to plexi's.  Now, its a common misconception that he just cranked the amp to ten.  In fact, in the studio, he plays a 50W plexi head through channel 2's high input at 5.  i would recommend trying the JTM-45 for a High Voltage era tone and the 50W plexi for all later albums.  Try and keep the drive below 8 to keep the bottom end from flabbing out on you.  Also, if you turn the noise gate off you can get more harmonic response and better feedback.

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