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Help With Pod Farm and FBV EXP MKII Needed?
by marcumh on 2010-10-18 19:10:04.4970

I have POD Farm 2 (ilok version) and FBV MK2 EXP.  Want to use the FBV to control  PF2 in Sonar 8.5.  It seems that Pod Farm is getting no input from the FBV.  I can set up a MIDI channel and record MIDI data from the FBV,...I can set it up as an MMC controller and use it as a transport for the DAW,...but I can't get it to work the fricking wah in PF2 which is really all I want lol.

Please help if you can.


>>>Figured it our more or less,'s biggest pain in the butt in Sonar, other DAW loaded up right now to test so not sure if it's just a Sonar issue or not.  It will not use "MIDI learn" in Sonar,...FBV has to be set up as an ACT controller and all functions assigned there.  Moving on now,......

Re: Help With Pod Farm and FBV EXP MKII Needed?
by Vallhagen on 2011-02-23 12:45:03.9360


Five minutes ago i actually posted a question here, pretty much exactly the same as yours. With this said, please dont blame me for spamming...

Did u ever get ur task solved? Any hints?




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