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Monkey downloads updates.....then nothing
by davagixxer on 2010-10-19 15:22:16.2640

This is really bugging me.  I have owned a Pod XT Live in the past and Monkey used to update no problem. Used XP in those days and Vista (ugh!).

I then bought a UX2 studio - Windows 7 and installed.  Then one day, Monkey threw his teddy in the corner.  Downloaded new drivers and showed me the nice blue bar signifying all was well, device and registration check, login OK check, then nothing.  For hours.  No updated software install.  Its not as if I can see this download in my documents folder and install manually.  Oh no - Monkey don't allow that - Monkey know best.  This has been going on for weeks, in the meantime have upgraded my machine to its present spec and no change.  Have disabled firewalls and anti virus programs - no change.  Why is it so bloody difficult?  Christ, I can download HP's bloatware no problem - but this?? I used to love Line 6 gear but this is severely testing my patience. Is there a way around this? can I get to use my Junkie models in Record like I should be able to?

RE: Monkey downloads updates.....then nothing
by Line6Hugo on 2010-10-22 08:55:09.7850

I can't even speculate as to why Monkey is acting the way it is on your laptop.

Have you tried completely uninstalling all Line 6 software and re-installing Monkey 1.34 and all drivers?

Do you get this problem at different locations, meaning, somewhere with a different internet connection? Finding this out would be helpful in understanding what might be happening.

Have you made sure to disable any firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and pop-up blockers if you have them active?



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