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powering a m13/m9, please help asap! need opinions!
by bucwildgodschild on 2010-10-20 15:48:19.3970

hey hows it going i have a quick question. i purchased a m13 and its an essential part of my pedalboard. so much so i had one pedalboard dedicated just for an m13 with an expression and another with all my dirt boxes. now ive been hauling it around for awhile, and its starting to get annoying to carry my guitar with 2 pedalboards and a blues deluxe everywhere. so i traded my m13 for an m9 and i love it. now im trying to consolidate all of my pedals and i purchased a skb-35 pretty cheap online. i was reading on the manual it says:

''The SKB PS-35 Deluxe Pedalboard has four effects loops and can power nine 9V pedals with 500 m/A.''

i was looking @ the power supply for the m9 and it says its 200 m/a.

im wondering.....

how much m/a does a m9 really pull?


can i power my m9 with this pedalboard AND my other pedals?

right now my lineup is..

boss tu-2 tuner

crybaby wah

visual sound jekll and hyde

fulltone gt-500

visual sound visual volume

and my trusty old m9

would it be a problem to power these pedals? would it cause any damage to my m9 or to any other pedals?

thanks so much for your help i appreciate it

RE: powering a m13/m9, please help asap! need opinions!
by darealagentp on 2010-10-20 16:05:55.8720


Please be careful: the M9's require 9V AC with 2000mA of current, not 200mA. In reality the M9 will most likely require closer to 1200-1500mA in terms of current draw.

Many people have asked, but my recommendation is to use the supplied Line 6 PX2 power supply for the M9 or M13 units. I know you want to try and consolidate power supplies, but for our M-series processors to work properly I suggest you stick to the provided power transformer...

Sorry if that wasn't what you were hoping for. M9's are not like a single Boss pedal that uses DC adapters and less current in the 100-300mA current range. The M9 is a full-blown DSP minicomputer more than a single transistor stomp pedal effect.



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