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POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by AnnapolisBob on 2010-10-20 19:41:46.1410

Is there any document that lists (and/or describes) all the factory presets that come with the POD HD500?

Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-10-21 02:44:10.1870

If you look back in this forum to about 2nd October someone asked for a list of the factory presets.  I posted at that time what was showing in my HD500 all 256 presets, however at that time a couple of the presets were listed in my device wrongly.   I did intend at some point to go through them and add the amp model and FX used as a table, but that's a big job really, and I simply haven't had time with my day job, life in general and actually using the HD500 to do it.

Do you have the HD500 already?  If so you might find the Set list I posted last weekend useful as I've set up a basic preset with common FX (all OFF) in it once and then added an amp model and copied the preset four times and adjusted the gain and channel volume accordingly so for that amp model with everything except Drive and Ch Vol controls set at Factory Defaults there is a Clean, slightly Dirty, Crunch and Solo setting over four presets in a bank.  I then repeated exactly this but changed the amp model for each bank for the next 15 banks so you have all 16 amps with the same FX chain and you can audition each amp easily and even use the presets as the basis for making your own by tweaking. Here's my set list link:

As far as finding a full descriptive list of all the factory presets - I don't think one exists.  If you go to Custom Tone you will find over 129 presets designed by users (some are mine such as they are) and there are descriptions for some of them but not all.


Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by ozbadman on 2010-10-21 08:58:13.0710

Hey Nick,

That was me who asked for the list before I got my HD500 (thanks again for doing that BTW). I also posted my upload of the original presets bundle that came with my HD500 (after 1.1 upgrade) to the link Nick mentions above so you can load that into HD500 Edit and look at the presets (for v1.1 firmware) yourself.



Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by AnnapolisBob on 2010-10-24 08:45:01.8940


Thanks very much!


Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by AnnapolisBob on 2010-10-24 08:45:32.7450


Many thanks!


Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by SStiv on 2010-10-24 19:38:18.1690


Thanks for that by the way. I found it very useful.

Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by bclarke675 on 2010-10-26 07:20:20.8160

I don't have a POD HD500 yet, but am considering trading my JM4 Looper for one.  I was just interested in the names of the presets to see if they emulated any of the tones in my JM4.  I'm aware they may not feature song names, but perhaps give clues as to artists or songs they may work for?!?

If anyone has such a listing, can you please post or direct me to the prior post.  I find this forum VERY difficult to navigate or search compared to others I've used.



Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-10-26 09:24:30.6260


Here you go:

Bear in mind that the list of presets shown in the list were the ones that were in my HD500 at that time and there are a couple that are incorrectly listed.  However, the factory preset names are in general a little ambiguous, but you will spot the odd intentional if somewhat ambiguous nod in the direction of a song, style or artist, such as Irish Tour - vaguely pointing at the late, great Rory Gallagher, Fish Rising as a nod of respect towards 1970's prog rock guitarist Steve Hillage and Dutch Pasadenian which nods in the direction of the great EVH, but don't necessarily expect these tones to sound exactly like any of the artists mentioned but the inspiration behind the tones is sort of evident.  With regard to any of the factory presets you might think they're good, You might think they're not so good, but the point of the majority of them in my view is to demonstrate various aspects of the HD500 and different ways in which the signal can be routed, so I'd treat them in some ways as a learning aid rather than the be all and end all.  You'll find quite a few user presets up on Custom Tone which might be closer to what you want.


Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by bclarke675 on 2010-10-26 09:50:42.9910

Thanks Nick!  That helps a lot.  Still not sure I want to trade, but I've heard that the effects on the POD are far superior to those on the JM4.

Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by whiteop on 2010-10-27 07:54:44.7070

when you go through them be prepared to turn the volume of many of the patches down as some might be able to blow your speakers. Some are much louder than the others which doesn't make sense to me. I've never seen a collection of patches with so many different volume levels in my life. What was Line 6 thinking? They don't appear to be very organized either. It's like they let a bunch of teens tweak the knobs and invent new patches and save them. When a new update is made it would be nice if the volume levels of the stock patches were levelled out a little more.

Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-10-27 08:29:32.9070


You might find my organised set list with all the FULL amp models highlighted of some use,  which is simply all 16 of the amp models largely at default settings except for Drive and Channel Volume controls so that each bank of four will contain approximate default settings for CLEAN. SLIGHTLY DIRTY, CRUNCH and SOLO with the differences being Gain and Channel Volume.

For no other reason other than it seems to make sense to have some basic FX in a preset, there are the basics like Wah, Volume, Distortion, Modulation and Delay not particularly configured for anything - they're just there at their defaults.  I've left all the FX in the OFF state as the default except in some cases in the SOLO preset at D there may be a noise gate - but this doesn't apply to all the presets in the D position in each bank.

The presets in all the D slots are intentionally louder as they would fulfil a SOLO role, so keep your speaker levels at moderate to quiet settings until you get a feel for the levels involved

These presets don't pretend to be anything other than what they are - a means to try out all the amp models.  If you find them useful, great, if not, so be it LOL, but several users have said they've found this set list useful.

Factory presets are again what they are, and I tend to view them more as a learning tool or a foundation rather than something I would necessarily use myself in a live situation and in that respect there are some pretty neat ideas in them which you might find useful or fun.  There are now nearly two hundered User designed presets up on Custom Tone for the HD500 which will vary in style, volume and accuracy no doubt, but it is a very good resource nevertheless.

If you are unhappy with the different levels in some of the factory presets it is a very easy task if somewhat tedious one to go through them all and level them yourself before saving them in their original locations.  The newly 'levelled' presets can be saved as set lists like mine above and be uploaded here for anyone who wants them, but to be honest and in my opinion it's probably as easy to leave them as they are and just to have a listen to them and see which if any you might like, and just take those you might find useful as a basis for your own presets

Best regards


Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by whiteop on 2010-10-27 16:14:21.0480

there are some jewels among the bunch but I have to keep my fingers on the master level knob when I change to each new patch if you know what I

BTW I appreciate your help and insight here on the forums a lot. Line 6 does a much better job monitoring their forums and assisting people than any other websites that I know of. It was a definite factor when I bought the HD500 after having a positive experience with an M9 that I purchased that had a volume drop problem with the looper. Rather than make excuses for it they tried to help me resolve the issues. You dont' find that type of service everyday.

Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-10-28 01:20:59.9210


Yes - quite possibly you need to ride the fader as you switch.  It was a fairly quick job I did and with limited levellling as I just wanted to put the amps in an easily accessible order in a set list with the settings as close to defaults as possible.   If there are jewels in there, it's not down to me.  Those are the Line 6 amp models doing it just on their own.



Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by hootenanny on 2011-07-12 14:09:32.2030

Has such a list been compiled?  I do not know enough of the vague references to which the preset titles allude.  It leaves me wondering who or what a preset is trying to emulate.

I need some education on what effects and amps are supposed to sound like or accomplish.  The "POD HD Model Gallery" is good but I need more of it.  Are there any good websites or tutorials out there?  POD HD specific or not.


Re: POD HD500 - Factory Presets List
by djsnach on 2013-01-10 00:54:51.6640

Hi guys, can you help me. I need sound like
Soundgarden - black hole sun - intro solo guitar
for my Line 6 HD 500
thank you

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