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Restoring factory presets
by Juliano73 on 2010-10-21 04:42:36.5900


I just got a Line 6 Spider Valve Mk II 212. Since it was the display model it came without a manual. I appear to have overwritten one of the factory sound presets whilst pressing buttons like a fool (i.e. 11 b is now a tweaked version of 11 d). Could you please tell me how to restore the original factory presets? I have the shortboard, in case that is necessary.

Many thanks,


Re: Restoring factory presets
by Rowbi on 2010-10-21 05:30:19.7560

the original manual will be out of date anyway, so get the latest ones here:

to reset it's easy, turn the standby switch to standby and power switch to off, hold down the channel A button and tuen the on/ff to on.  follow the on screen instructions to reset (I think you press the edit button twice, but it'll tell you).

if you have the shortboard MKII then you could update the SV MKII to the latest software version which only came out a few weeks ago, and will likely be not on that amp. (it's version 2.00).  or you can connect using MIDI to your PC and use line 6 monkey to do the update: which is a free download here:

also there's a PC editor program that you can use too.  get that from the same link above, it's called Spider Valve MKII edit.

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