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Guitar to Amp to POD GX to Ableton
by njmart on 2009-04-10 17:32:24.3880

I'm looking for a device to that will allow me to record from my amp to Ableton Live. I have a direct out on the amp and don't wish to use software such as POD Farm. This is mainly because I want to record using some of my analog pedals such as a BOSS DM-3. Do you know if the POD Studio GX will allow me to do this? Or does the input have to be straight from a guitar to get achieve a clear and undistorted signal?

Would really appreciate some help on this. Thanks.

Re: Guitar to Amp to POD GX to Ableton
by Rowbi on 2009-04-11 01:46:07.9930

ok, well i think there's a couple of things you're not understanding.

pod studio devices like the GX must use POD Farm to work.  but that doesn't mean you have to use the effects in POD Farm.  there is 2 virtual pairs of outputs in POD Farm, one before any FX, so you can use those in ableton as the input.  BUT  the gx has no line level input so you would need atleast the UX1 to do what you want to do.

another thing to mention is that although you may not like the idea in theory, you may find the analog delay model in POD Farm to sound very good, and may be worth a try if you do go this route.

but essentially what you want to do is posible, but with the UX1 and not the GX. you will have to use pod farm, but only to route the inputs on your UX1 to ableton, and not for any FX if you chose not to.

Re: Guitar to Amp to POD GX to Ableton
by njmart on 2009-04-11 08:11:04.9330

This was really helpful, thanks. By accident, however, I've just discovered a way of doing it with my existing gear. I've plugged the amp into an old guitar port and Ableton seems to pick it up just fine without using any Line 6 software such as riffworks. I may still have to buy the GX when I get a Mac as I doubt the guitar port I have now will work with that.

Thanks again.

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