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PodXT Live, where to get ASIO output?!
by ighor on 2010-10-25 18:19:30.2880

Hey, all. I recently dug up my PodXT Live from the grave in order to use it with Guitar Rig 4 as a bypass. It works quite nicely, I can use the pedal as a midi footswitch and I get clean sound from the POD (USB) and I have been getting the processed sound on my headphones using asio4all, not the pod asio driver. It was working well for home use, but I'm trying to hook it up to my amp and it's giving me trouble. If I choose the output of ASIO to be the line 6 podxt output, or even use the pod asio driver which works just as well, the sound I get out of my pod from the PHONES jack is a mix of the clean bypass and the processed sound being sent by USB. If I hook it up to the LEFT/RIGHT jacks, I get just the bypassed sound coming from the clean guitar into the pod.

Basically, I want to take out of the pod just the processed sound coming from the USB, and not a mix of USB and bypass, which is what I'm getting now. Any suggestions?

I know you don't support any 3rd parties like guitar rig, etc etc but this is mostly an asio/pod problem i'm having. Thanks in advance

Re: PodXT Live, where to get ASIO output?!
by TheRealZap on 2010-10-25 18:31:14.5300

you won't get any support for asio4all here either....

why not just use the line6 asio drivers... and the pod farm/gearbox plugin.... if you out the clean from the pod and monitor the wet from the plugin you get it all....

Re: PodXT Live, where to get ASIO output?!
by ighor on 2010-10-25 19:12:20.7620

I don't need support for asio4all. Like I said, both asio4all and the line6 POD driver have me monitoring the wet and dry as a mix from the podxt PHONES output. How do I just monitor the wet? I know there are a couple of options on the last page of the line6 asio driver but none of them allow me to do this. There is one that says Computer > Output & Amp+FX > Output. I need an option of just Computer > Output. Maybe this is an old version of the line6 driver and there is a new one which supports it and if so I apologize for not researching this enough. I believe that Computer > Output by itself would provide me with the wet that I need, and not the wet+dry I get here.

EDIT: As far as using the pod farm plugin, I really like the sound I get from Guitar Rig but I'd like to try it out. I need to purchase it, correct? Or can I get it for free or trial that works with no more hardware than a podXT Live?e

EDIT 2: In other words, I'm just trying to use the PODXT Live as an audio interface with the added ability of using the pedal as a midi controller for Guitar Rig. The problem is that the PHONES output has a mix of dry/wet (input and output) and the LEFT/RIGHT output is just the sound from the pod (in this case, a bypass).


Re: PodXT Live, where to get ASIO output?!
by Triryche on 2010-10-25 21:09:18.1840

Your PODxt, by default, should be monitoring 100% wet thru the headphones and the analog outs.

You should select either send clean or send processed, either why, you should hear 100% wet out of the headphones and analog outs.

Is it possible you are monitoring a track from your DAW or monitoring what you you are recording?

For example, if you have selected to send clean, and you are recording and have "monitoring" in your DAW enabled, you will hear you 100% wet and also hear the monitoring of your clean sent (although the latency may be horrible) and/or clean of other tracks, .

If you use you PODxt without it connected to the computer and you still hear a mix, then something is wrong (or it is the way the effect is set up, but I'm guessing you know the difference).

If it only does this when connected to the computer, then it is likely a setting you are over looking.

As far as using the exp pedal to control GR, you may not have much luck.

The PODxt Live is not a midi controller.

You may be able to do it depending on how GR may see it, but it probably won't be pretty.

Re: PodXT Live, where to get ASIO output?!
by ighor on 2010-10-25 21:44:04.0220

Ah, thank you. Yes, if I unplug the USB connection I stop hearing my processed sound from the PC and only hear the dry. So maybe the way I'm doing this is wrong. I have a patch called "Record Tone" which is a patch with everything turned off and on bypass. I hear it whether the USB is connected or not. Only difference is if the USB is connected, I also hear my wet processed sound. Weird. I'm not using a DAW either, it's the standalone software that goes directly to asio.

As far as midi controlling, it actually works, although you're right, it's not pretty. However, i did manage to change patches on the guitar rig software using the bank and 1,2,3,4 etc pedals.

I'm almost there on what I need. I'll keep trying and tweaking to see if I can get it done. But let me get this straight, if I'm on patch 1A which has maybe a chorus effect, and I plug in my headphones, without USB, I'll hear the patch with the chorus. Once I plug in USB and send some output back to the pod, it should take over my headphones and not send the 1A chorus effect at all? Because what I'm getting is 1A mixed with the output.

Re: PodXT Live, where to get ASIO output?!
by Triryche on 2010-10-25 22:13:30.8990

If you have everything bypassed in the PODxt Live, and you hear a wet signal when plugging in the USB, that is baffling.

Unless the patch is changing.

Or is it possible you are hearing a tone from GR?

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