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variax can't be seen by my podxt live
by jethrofortiz on 2010-10-27 20:40:41.9060

hi. i have a variax 500 that can't be seen by my podxtlive. whenever i try to connect it to the variax port ,podxt live says "no variax connected". what can i do to troubleshoot this? i have lost my vdi cable, so i use a standard cat5 cable. i've tried lots of cat5 cables just to be sure it's not just an issue of faulty cable but still nothing. i am from hongkong, the local distributor here isn't really helpful ( even when ordering vdi cable takes 6mos to eternity!). it really gets frustrating when i can't get the most out of my gear. i hope you guys can help me out. thanks

Re: variax can't be seen by my podxt live
by amx05462 on 2010-10-28 00:13:38.7190

check ebay  for the cable. they  all ship world wide.  just  got a  package   from australis  to  us.   6  days.  also chect  the    wires  in the vdi connector  on your  pod and the  guitar  if  one  is  lower  than the  others  or   bent to the  sides   that   could be  your  problem  if  so   take a  bread tie  shape   the end   into a j  shape  and carefully  pull it  up to the  level  of the  rest. the key word  is carefully.

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