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Line 6 Spider 4 75Watt to my Mac?
by TheDarkCalling on 2010-10-31 08:25:41.8370

Alright well, I'm getting into recording now, to me, a new and weird thing, interesting none the less when you mess around with Guitar Rig 4. What I want to know, is will I be able to connect my Line 6 Spider 4 75Watt to my Mac? I have a MkII FBV Express if that helps, and I'm sure I have enough wires to keep up. So will I be able to use my stuff to connect to my mac? And if so, what programs would I need to use, etc etc.

Programs already owned -

Logic Pro 8


Guitar Rig 4

Many Thanks,


Re: Line 6 Spider 4 75Watt to my Mac?
by gordy12 on 2010-10-31 11:20:37.3890


You can connect to your mac via usb, you need the fbv footcontroller to do that. If you want to record your music through your amp onto your computer, you will need to mike it and then put the mike into an audio interface then into your computer.

hope this helps


Re: Line 6 Spider 4 75Watt to my Mac?
by gtrman100 on 2010-10-31 14:06:50.3530

You can't record through USB with a Spider IV amps. The USB connection on the FBV Express II and Shortboard MKII are only for connecting the amp to Spider IV edit. You can only record directly through the headphone/line out jack on the back of the unit which will cut out the speakers. Of course you could record the amp using the traditional micing the amp technique, but the line output works very well.

Re: Line 6 Spider 4 75Watt to my Mac?
by gordy12 on 2010-11-01 10:03:24.2990

Sorry didnt make that clear there. Yes the usb connection on the foot controller is only for spider edit. There isnt a way to have the speaker working while using the line out

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